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Pearl Harbor

No description

Nathan Gould

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Pearl Harbor

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor Who devised the plan to bomb Pearl Harbor? Who was he? Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor? How did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor so easily? Pearl Harbor was planned by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. He called this plan Operation Z. He had this planned in April of 1941, but could not follow through with it till December 1941. Yamamoto was an admiral that attended the Naval War College in Tokyo within the mid- 1930s. Even at this young age, he despised the United States and planned to do bad things to them. Through school, all Yamamoto's profesors saw that he had great potential, and that he would do something grand. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor for many reasons. First or all, they despised the workings of the president, Franklin Roosevelt. This is because the President cut off all imports of steel to Japan till they promised they would drop out of the war. One of the more important reasons Japan bombed Pearl Harbor was that the Japanese Government thought that Pearl Harbor was too strong of a Naval base. In other words they thought that if the U.S. entered the war the Japanese would get demolished by the U.S. Navy. With careful and long preparation Japan was able to bomb Pearl Harbor pretty easily. They were able to do this by coming early morning when everybody was off guard. They came in low behind the mountains in front of Pearl Harbor.The Japanese plan was to bomb all the ships and planes at the base. To the convienence of Japan, Pearl Harbor had every plane lined up right in a row (304). They did this because recent vandalism of the planes had been spotted near the gates. Unfortunantly, the radars had picked up all the Japanese planes coming in. Not seeing anything, Pearl Harbor thought they had glitches in their radar system. This is why they decided to stand down. This was a bad decision, because within minutes Japan came swooping down bombing all 304 planes, sinking 4 ships, and killing thousands of innocent peaple. fhifhhfsdofho
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