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Modals to Express Degrees of Certainty, PART 3 (A04)


Emperatriz Angulo

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Modals to Express Degrees of Certainty, PART 3 (A04)

What about making assumptions in the future?
Modals to Express Degrees of Certainty
(Part 3)

What structures can we use?
It's almost 9:00p.m. The guests should be arriving soon.
George is very bright. He ought to do well in his new job.
We use
Ought to
and the base form of the verb when we are almost certain about a future event.
- However, we can use
when we are less certain about a future event. For example:
She may pass with 100. It seems that she understands this grammar course.
He is very weird. He might never get married.
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