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Stanley Milgram's Shock Experiment

No description

Suyash Fulay

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Stanley Milgram's Shock Experiment

Finally This research would be classified as an experiment.
The variations in initial conditions explained earlier show that there was a control group and several experimental groups. Milgram Shock Experiment Stanley Milgram's Shock Experiment Variables Dependent Variable: Amount of Shock Administered Experimental Design Control Group: Vocal feedback only Nice facial hair Independent Variable: The initial conditions of the experiment (e.g. whether the learner and teacher were in the same room) Experimental Groups
Two Teacher
Shift of Setting
Touch Proximity
Absent Experimenter
Social Support The experimental groups involved different initial conditions for the subjects. For example, the subject may have been forced to hit the shock plate by the experimenter. Operational Definitions Punishment-The voltage of shock given by the Teacher The subjects were deceived about the true nature of the experiment. They were told it was a test of learning and memory. Deception
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