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Queen Isabella 1 of Spain

No description

Valerie Zarate

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Queen Isabella 1 of Spain

Queen Isabella I of Spain Her Early Life Death of Isabella Isabella I was born on April 22 1451 in the town of Madrigal de las Altas Torres. she was the daughter of John II King of Castile and his second wife Isabella of Portugal. When she was three her father king John II died. Which felt her older brother King Henry IV heir to the throne. Though nobles did not want Henry to become their king they wanted Isabella's brother Alfonso to become king. For they feared Henry would let all the hard work of King John II go to waste. Though Alfonso died on July 5, 1468 people thought he was poisoned to become a king. Even though Isabella refused to become Queen Her brother Henry made her his successor and heir to the throne. Though Isabella did agree on the this she did not agree on her arranged marriage with Don Carlos prince of Viana. Isabella wished to marry Ferdinand Heir to Aragon.
Isabella went against her brother's wishes and married Ferdinand who Became King of Aragon. Her brother became angry and made his daughter Joan Heir to the throne and to be marry to Alfonso V. Even though Isabella was to become Queen. King Henry died and war went between Castile and Aragon. In the end the two kingdoms had an alliance. War Comes to Castile and Aragon Now Queen and King Isabella and Ferdinand wanted to make some changes. They lowered the power of nobles who in their opinion had to much power. Also because they were highly devoted Catholics they felt right to get rid of all the people who were not Catholics in Spain. That is how Queen Isabella got her nickname "La Catolica". If not get rid convert them into being a Catholic. Which Lasted until 1808, and in one point the Chief Inquisitor was not satisfied on people converting and told the King And Queen that the Jews were becoming a threat to the religion. So on March 31,1492 they said by July 1st that Jewish people had to either leave or put to death! Some did leave and some stayed without being notice. Columbus had plans for a new route to India and had ask Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand for money and support on his voyage. They indeed Helped him in hoping to be rewarded with riches of the land. They gave him three Ships to sail on The Nina, The Pinata, and The Santa Maria. Later Columbus came back to Spain in 1493 with lots of Treasures and also Native people from the America's today. Queen Isabella became the protector of Native Americans. She made laws against abuse on the Native Americans. Helping Christopher Columbus Isabella was an better ruler than Her husband King Ferdinand. Even though she co-ruled with him. she was loved by her people and the people of Aragon. Isabella died on November 26, 1504. her husband ruled 12 more years before he too died on January 23, 1516. which put as their heir to the throne their grandson from one of their daughters, (Joan) and he became the Holy Emperor Charles V. Achievements and Religion Changes
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