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The Name of This Book is Secret

No description

tammy trevillion

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The Name of This Book is Secret

The Book is fiction because it isn't a true story.
Image by Tom Mooring
The name of this book is Secret
BY: Psedudonymous Bosch
The theme is to never give up because in this book Cass and Max Ernst can't give up because if they do their friends will be in danger.
Cass and Max Ernst had been friends for a week when they found an address in the mud and followed it. When they arrived at the house they found a book that had been written all about the brother of the owner of the house, and how he had been kidnapped. It was about a lady named Ms. Mavius, who had kidnapped Luciano (the brother.) Then they met two people, Ms. Mavius and Dr. L. Cass and Max Ernst got suspicious. So the next day at school they tried to talk to their friend, Benjamin but he was missing. Later that day Cass went looking; she saw a limousine; in the back was Benjamin. When she met up with Max Ernst, Dr. L and Ms. Mavius asked for the book, so Cass gave it to them, then they escaped. On the way out they had noticed Dr. L had a tattoo, it was a moon just like the one Luciano had. They escaped from the room because they were scared that Dr. L would take them too. They solved the riddle; unlocked the cell to get Benjamin out, and they never saw Ms. Mavius or Dr. L again.
The climax is when Cass and Max Ersnt are at the door to Benjamin's cell but they can't solve the riddle.

This book is 3rd Person Omniscient because it uses a lot of she's and he's so the narrator isn't a charactor in the story.
The introduction is introducing Cass and Max Ernst as friends.
The rising action is when it was announced Benjamin was missing.
The resolution is when they solve the riddle to the lock on the cell, and rescue Benjamin.
The conclusion is when they make it out alive, and begin going to school again.
Author's point of view:
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