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Collage of Needs and Wants

No description

Rajvi Patel

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Collage of Needs and Wants

Needs and Wants Are things that are luxurious and nice to have, but are not necessary for survival or to function in society Want By: Monica & Rajvi Patel Needs Need/Want Television- it's use in the society is just to give the people entertainment, it is not needed for survival. (Both) - Goods
Cellphone- A cellphone is mostly a want to the teenagers of today's generation. Although if you did have an occupation where you needed a cellphone that would count as a need. (Bricks and Mortar)- Goods
Air Conditioning- It's a want because people in different parts of the world can live without A.C even though its hotter than it is in Canada. Air conditioning is mostly for our comfort. (Both) - Service
Junk Food- Junk food isn't a necessity since you can eat an apple or pear rather than the fat full goodies. It is actually hazardous to health and only satisfies our cravings. (Bricks and mortar) - Goods
Accessories- Rings, earrings, purses, high heels are all just for the looks. You do not need accessories like these in your life to survive. (Both) - Goods Are necessities of life , things that one needs to survive or to function in society. Some items may be a need for one person but at the same time it can be a want for another. Wants Needs Healthy food- you need to eat healthy food, since food provides us the energy and nutrients to keep our bodies healthy and active. They are goods that can be bought in a bricks and mortar businesses.
Eyeglasses- are a need, because they help you see better. They are both goods and services which can be bought in both bricks and mortar businesses and clicks and mortar businesses.
Clothes- you need clothes to keep you warm. People also want clothes because they want to stay in style.They are goods which can be bought in both bricks and mortar businesses and clicks and mortar businesses.
Shelter- you need shelter to protect you from harsh weather conditions.It is a good which can be bought in bricks and mortar businesses.
Medication- is a need for humans to survive because if you do not take your medication, you can get ill and if you don't get better, you can die. It can also turn into a want, when people use them as drugs. They are goods which can be bought in bricks and mortar businesses.
Occupation-people need a job to get a good income. Without the money you cannot buy food, medication, clothes, etc. They are services which cannot be bought.
Transportation- people need to use transportation to get to places, like work, school. It is a want when people are too lazy to walk to places. They are services (using public transportation) which can be bought in bricks and mortar businesses. The End! Thank you for watching! Goods & services -Goods are products that can be touched
-Services are products that can't be touched
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