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Martin Puryear- Catalina

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Martin Puryear- Catalina

Martin Puryear

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Born on May 23, 1941 (age 73) in Washington D.C.
As a child, loved drawing detailed drawings of birds and insects
Had an interest in making guitars, canoes, bows and arrows, and furniture
Martin Puryear is known as a sculptor
He was one of the first African American artists to receive international recognition. His art was a fusion of cultures and of categories, such as sculpture, architecture, and craft. The result was an art that functions between "fine art" and "craft" and transcends national styles and topical issues
Prezi Presentation by Catalina Landreau
Thank You!
After earning his MFA from Yale, Puryear began teaching at Fisk University in Nashville and University of Maryland in College Park. In 1977, following a devastating fire in his Brooklyn studio, Puryear had a solo show at the Corocan Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Shortly after he moved to Chicago
Obstacles or Challenges
Martin Puryear was one of the first African American artists to ever have international recognition, which means that people all over the world know who he is, and acknowledge him
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