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This is the template to show churches how much traffic is searching online for felt needs

Jason Hamrock

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of DO NOT USE

"Relevant inspiring quote or slogan to end the business pitch with."
Local Searches

We have created a detailed report, comparing the 'felt needs' that people are searching for and ministries you offer and made recommendations on getting traffic to your website.
'felt needs' of
searching online
Using Google
to connect with
hurting people
in your community!
Let's reach
them now!
Use Google
to hit the
You can get this traffic going to your website.
Missional Marketing
T: 480.773.9115

So how do we get this traffic flowing to your website?
Reality: There are thousands of searches per month around your campus of people searching for 'felt needs' but they do not see your church.
Together we can solve that reality.
But all of those searches occur because they
already know you
and probably
go to your church.
Most likely none of your
existing traffic
arrives because of
'Felt Need Searches'
Addiction / Counseling
Personal Finance
Your church has built ministries on helping people with 'felt needs'
Let them know THEY matter to you by offering:
Dating and Marriage Counseling
• People who care
• A God who loves them
• Answers!
They are here.
Church Engagement
Hope and Answers
Where does Google fit into this? Google is the most popular way people find answers to many problems (felt needs) they face.
Google says your church is getting 41,000 searches per month. You've built an amazing audience on your website.
• To find service times
• To give
• To watch sermon messages
Ministries and
pastor's sermons
in your
In an effort with the team at Google, we built a highly optimized, keyword-rich, focused strategy that is geo-targeted. We use both organic and paid search techniques.
We are a Google Partner, and are in the top 5% of agencies Google works closely with.
Expanding the
'Felt Needs' searches such as:
This is the goal.
• To register for events
Your neighbors search for felt needs
Your neighbors
use Google more
than you might
working with
The reason why your website doesn't show in Google when someone searches a felt need is due to your SEO.
• Family
• Marriage
• Financial
• Community
• Belonging
• Counseling/Pastoral Care
This looks a lot like ministries and sermon series.
1. Your church is getting organic traffic from people who know about your church.
3. There are up to 76,100 searches per month
in your GEO of people searching for
‘Felt Needs’,
but you are not found.
2. According to your website, you have many ‘Felt Needs’ your church is currently addressing, not including Sermons.
Getting Started
1. Deploy the SVL. We'll build your video channel and populate with the past 12 months of sermons. $500/one-time fee.
Sermon Video Library ongoing fee:
$8/message to post OR
$68/message to post and SEO

2. Begin working on the Google Grant and paid search campaigns. Our fee structure:
• spend up to $3000, $495
• spend from $3000-$5000, fee is 20% of spend
• spend from $5000-$10,000, fee is 15% of spend

What is your monthly budget that you are currently spending?

3. SEO project.

by the thousands every month!
You will
not find
one church listed
Before we go there...
1. We believe this will change the way you think about ministries and how you reach people.

2. This is all about adding specific content on your website. The great thing is most of this content has already been created by you!

3. Today is about landing on a first step to get down the road.

1: We start with examining the Grant and making edits to increase its impact.

2: Examine the paid Adwords campaigns to better optimize these to increase our keywords, clicks, CTR.

3: We will need to look at the pages we are sending the traffic to from the ads. Google assigns a quality score to each landing page. We ran an audit of the website and it needs work.

Step 1. Add organic content using your weekend messages
The fastest way to add content is using sermons already preached. Your current player is found by people who know how to find it, but no one else will see this important message online.
We recommend replacing your current video player with a sermon video player that is just like Netflix. Users can see trending messages, recently added messages, topics, search by keyword, share, and just have a much better overall experience.

But the other main reason we highly recommend this tool...
Step 2. Reach people now with Google Adwords
Meta description
Currently, you have good content in the message recap, but this still lacks the proper SEO to be found locally.
• No meta description
• No URL reference
• No keywords
• No relevant heading

But you have a ton of 'felt need' content!
So what is the strategy to be found in Google?
Step 1:
Continue to build up organic traffic by adding content.
Step 2:
Examine the Grant you are using and increase its impact.

Let's examine these two steps.
Add this content by switching to the Sermon Video Library
Each message is
properly SEO'd so
that it can be
found in Google with keywords.
SEO Audit
The website needs to be updated in order to begin gaining organic traffic. You have a busy site with a lot of pages. Speed, security, and crawlability are issues.
Fixing the Website Issues
1. Have your team fix these issues. You can choose to hire us to make sure tasks are completed. We would supply a detailed report that shows every issue on the site. Our fee is $800.
2. Hire us to do the work. We can send a proposal. The fee is $3,250 and is a 10-week project.

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