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Copy of Copy of Graduation


Jill Burke

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Graduation

Four years ago...
You gathered together...
Your journey is coming to a close, faster than you think!
Cap & Gown Ordering
Senior Picnic
To begin a journey...
Senior Portraits
Google Classroom
Oh, but wait. . .
Oct. 11--altered schedule (PSATs)
Herff-Jones will be here to discuss with you the process of ordering your cap and gown and other senior swag.
On 10/25 & 10/26 orders will be placed during English classes.
Order them now; prices go up DRASTICALLY later on!!!!
Strawbridge is at Manchester on Thursday, Sept. 28th and Friday, Sept. 29th for make-up senior portraits.
Portraits will be in the presentation studio
Seniors Will be called alphabeticallly.
Seniors need to go online: http:www.strawbridge.net/ to select the portrait that you would like in the yearbook
Or submit to Ms. O'Brien (Teresa_O'Brien@ccpsnet.net) by October 17th!
Smile Purty!
Directions on how to join these groups will be on the bottom of the senior calendar.
You will need to enter the code 1cyet28 in order to join the senior class group.
Senior T-Shirts
Senior class t-shirts will be on sale soon--we plan on having the first order by HOMECOMING, so we need to order quickly. Listen for announcements!
There will be a variety of options: short-sleeve and long sleeve T's, hoodies, etc.
Remember, these are the shirts with everyone's name on the back.
Powderpuff Sign-Ups
Ladies who want to play powderpuff need to pick up a form in the open commons after the assembly.
Sign-ups are open through Wednesday, Sept. 20th
Please read the forms and bring in ALL required materials to sign up and reserve your spot.
We cannot take ANY forms after the cut-off date (9/20, 2:00 PM). Once you pay, there are NO REFUNDS!
Boys who would like to cheer for the game see Mrs. Baldwin. We need guys to skirt up and cheer on the girls!!
King Puff
Qualities of King Puff include a great sense of humor, loveable & huggable, an ONPOINT Lancer 4 Life!

Nominations for senior boys to be considered for King Puff will be next week via Google Classroom..
We will narrow all the nominations to 5 finalists.
On a future date via Google Classroom, you'll be voting for your choice for King Puff, who'll be crowned during the Powderpuff Game.
Homecoming Game is October 6th
Parade is at 6:00 p.m.
Dance is October 7th, 8pm-11pm
Guest forms are in front office or Mrs. Cranor's Door (G230) Fees much be paid to purchase tickets
Senior Courtyard
Keep the courtyard clean, or else you don't get to use it.
Keep all underclassmen OUT, so they don't trash YOUR courtyard.
If you trash it, it will be locked until Spring.
Hadad's Lake
Leave school at 11:00 a.m.
Stay all afternoon!
Cost is approx. $5, includes lunch
Your Senior Class Officers
President--Ryan Greenawalt
Vice President--Clifton Peterson-Davis
Treasurer--Amber Gutierrez
Secretary-- Margaret Hammel
Your Senior Class Sponsors
Mr. Gordy, G209
Mrs. Burke, F103
Mrs. Newsom, Odd Days
Sierra Garland
Join Senior Class Text Reminder!!!!!!
Text @326ab4 to 81010
Seth Hoisington
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