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TV Drama Representation

No description

nick murray

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of TV Drama Representation

TV Drama and
Representation Gender Age Disability Hustle Dr Who Wire in the Blood Rome Monarch of the Glen Meeting Steve Criminal Justice Casualty Hotel Babylon Spooks Ethnicity The Street Eastenders Coming Down the Mountain Clips with commentary Merlin Part 1 Merlin Part 2 How to start... Throughout the extract females are presented with a low status in comparison to males. They are represented as being weak, both physically and mentally, as well as being reliant on the males to carry out all important decisions. Gender Within the extract females are at times represented as being strong and independent and at others as weak and inferior to males. This ambiguous representation both conforms to and subverts negative stereotypes of females. Throughout the extract the elderly are represented with a low status in comparison to the younger generation. They are represented as being weak and defenceless and reliant on younger people whilst disliking them. The younger generation are represented as... Within the extract the elderly are represented with great variation in status, at times being weak and inferior to the younger generation, at others being role models and advisers to them. This ambiguous approach seems to conform to the two main stereotypes associated with the older generation. Age Analysis Editing is used to help develop the sense that males are the superior gender, both strong and leader-like. In the middle of the extract parallel editing is used to emphasise the role of the male as hero against the role of the female victim. Cutting between an ever-more panicking female and the determination of the male hero as he overcomes the obstacles in his path purposefully juxtaposes the two genders to conform to the archetypes of masculine hero and the damsel in distress.
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