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No description

Corine Nana

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of COMMUNITY SPIRIT Digital Advert

EVENT Welcome; to community 2013 this year we are organizing to raise a profile and also to make the community to come together. This will give an opportunity for people around to make new friends and also to get to know their neighbor. This also will give families to spend time together especially those they haven’t seen for a long time About what the charity is about There are different type of food, salads,fruits salad, fish and chips, hotdogs,cupcakes and burger. This meals are made by chefs and some are home made.They are well nutritive Food We have different activities both children,teens,adult and the elder. we invite everyone to get involve and take and have fun. there are activities like face painting,bouncy castle,music not forggetting the adult like bingo or knitting competition activities To know more about us and what we do with other charities and also you can see what we have done for other charities and how we came about as a community please visit us with the addresses below
If you want hire a pitch at the event please contact us;

contact:0800 587 3337 website:communityspirit.org.uk We hope you have a pleasant time here with us and enjoy yourself. and also if you want to drop in at any time and have talk about what we do and how we function as a charity you are very welcome new people are always invited to come in. Thank you for those who have participated at the event we have enjoy your company and hope you have had an amazing time with us. Any danation that was made we are grateful for what you have offer and a plaseant trip home. we hope to see you around the community
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