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Comparing an Animal Cell to Earth and it's Solar System

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Ava Spinner

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Comparing an Animal Cell to Earth and it's Solar System

Comparing an Animal Cell to the Earth and it's Solar System
The ocean is like the cytoplasm in a cell because it fills the earth around the land(organelles) and fills most of the earth. The cytoplasm's job in a cell is similar to that of the ocean because the cytoplasm needs to fill the areas around the cell that are empty to keep the organelles in place.
The atmosphere is like Earths cell membrane. The atmosphere protects the Earth and makes sure that everything stays inside so that people aren't flying off the Earths surface, or the ocean isn't spilling into outer-space. The atmosphere also protects the Earth from harmful radiation from the sun. The job of the cell membrane is similar to that of the atmosphere because the membrane protects the cell and makes sure that important things are not leaving the cell that shouldn't be leaving, and controls what comes in and out of the cell.
Cell Membrane/Atmosphere
The clouds are like the vacuoles in a cell because clouds need to store water in them, and when water is ready to come out of the cloud it rains and provides water for the Earth. A vacuoles job is similar to a cloud because vacuoles need to store food and water for the cell and then provides it to the cell, just like a cloud stores water for Earth.
The Nucleus is like the sun because the whole solar system depends on the sun, and the sun controls what is going on, like the seasons, the weather, and the days and years on Earth. The sun is also in the center of the solar system and the biggest star. The nucleus is similar to the sun because it is one of the biggest organelles in the cell and controls all of the activity that goes on in the cell, just like the sun controls Earth.
Endoplasmic Reticulum/land
Golgi Body/satellites
The land on Earth is like the Endoplasmic Reticulum because on the land is countries and the countries produce food, goods, services, and many other things that we need as humans and living things on Earth. The job of the land/countries is similar to the job of the ER, because the ER is like the factory for the cell, and it produces things that the cell needs, just like the countries produce things that living things on Earth need.
The farms on Earth are like the ribosomes in a cell because farms grow food and plants that we need, and eat. These foods and plants provide our bodies, and animals bodies with proteins. The job of the farms is similar to the job of the ribosomes because the ribosomes make proteins for the cell, just like farms make/grow proteins for humans and animals.
Cell Membrane
Endoplasmic Reticulums
Landfills are like the Lysosome in a cell, because landfills are where all waste and garbage is thrown. When things are thrown into landfills they decompose, and people put all of the garbage there so that it is off our hands and it makes the city look "nice" because the garbage isn't there, for instead it is at a landfill. The job of the landfills is similar to that of the lysosome because the lysosome gets rid of waste in the cell, just like the landfills get rid of waste on Earth.
The satellites are like the Golgi Body in a cell because the satellites can send messages between phones, computers, T.V stations, and many more things(email, internet, text messages, phone calls). The job of the satellites is similar to that of the Golgi Body because the Golgi Body's job is to package things up and send them out, which is what the satellites are doing with technology.
Golgi Body
Plants are like the Mitochondria because plants have
, which absorb energy in the form of light from the sun and converts that energy into energy for animals. This job of the plant is similar to the job of the mitochondria because the Mitochondria takes nutrients and turns it into energy for the cell, just like a plant converts energy from the sun for animals to use.
I chose to compare Earth and its Solar System to an
nimal Cell
because animal cells do not have a cell wall, and neither does Earth. Also, the shape of an animal cell does not have jagged edges, or straight lines, and neither does Earth or the solar system.
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