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A Separate Peace Figurative Language

No description

Anya Cheban

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of A Separate Peace Figurative Language

A Separate Peace Metaphor Metaphor "Some day the Dean would probably live entirely encased in a house of glass and be happy as a sandpiper." (Knowles 12). Simile "He began scrambling up the wooden pegs nailed to the side of the tree, his back muscles working like a panther's." (Knowles 16) Figurative Language By: Anya Cheban "He and I started back across the fields, preceding the others like two seigneurs." (Knowles 18) Personification Personification "The ocean looked dead too, dead gray waves hissing mordantly along the beach, which was gray and dead-looking itself." (Knowles 49). Simile "Very gradually, like one instrument after another being tentatively rehearsed, beacons of color began to pierce the sky." (Knowles 49). Authors Patters: The author John Knowles uses 3 main Figurative Language (metaphor, simile, and personification). The way he uses them is to give you a greater visual and understanding of the novel. It affects the novel greatly. It gives you all these visuals which brings the book alive which in my opinion makes it so much more interesting and keeps the readers engaged. They all add a great touch to the book. He also used them to show what the characters think of themselves and how they act. "Perhaps the school wasn't as well kept up in those days; perhaps varnish, along with everything else had gone to war." (Knowles 9). This metaphor helps to describe the image of the school further and how it used to look during the war. The book is set during the war so this metaphor helps you get a visual of what it was like during that time. (Level 4) This metaphor is there to show emotion. The author gives you a great visual of how the character is and what he is like by using the metaphor to show what he likes. This simile helps describe how Finny climbed up the tree, its gives you a great visual of both the pegs on the tree, how he would climb it, and his muscles. Simile "This kind of sunshine and ocean, with the accumulating roar of the surf and the salty, adventurous, flirting wind of the sea, always intoxicated Phineas." (Knowles 47). This simile shows how the two characters though of themselves / acted. The author used this simile to explain that they thought of themselves as gods, it also gives you a visual. This example of personification gives you a great visual of the wind, sunshine, and ocean. It shows you this great picture in your head. Then leads to you later on understand why Finny took Gene there. This example of personification also gives you a great visual of the ocean and how it looked dead like. Knowles does a great job of using both personification and simile in the being of this chapter I gives you this great visual and feeling. I think this simile just brings this sunrise a live. I just gives you this great image in your head bringing the whole book alive.
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