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Marzano's 9 Instructional Strategies

No description

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Marzano's 9 Instructional Strategies

Marzano's 9 Instructional Strategies
for Effective Teaching & Learning

Identifying Similarities & Differences
Research Rational

"Identifying similarities and/or differences between two or more items" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).

Best Practices
This YouTube video presents two of the most common practices associated with similarities and differences: Venn diagrams, comparing and contrasting graphic organizers, pictures, or other data (Anovellife, n.d.).
Identifying Similarities
& Differences My Definition
Teacher guides students in developing skills and abilities that exhibit: analyzing given data, identifying characteristics, and comparing and contrasting various information. These skills help students answer: math word problems, literacy questions, or science inquiries.
Summarizing Research Rational
"Requiring students to provide a brief summary of content" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014). Students take content or provided information and condense the information to a brief and relevant format.
Note Taking Research Rational
"Recording information that is considered important" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014). Thus creating more successful students with good study habits.
Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition Research Rational
"Providing students with information relative to how well they are doing regarding a specific assignment" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).

Homework & Practice Research Rational
"Providing students with opportunities to increase their understanding through assignments completed outside of class"
(Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014). These assignments should a take a reasonable amount of time to finish. Worksheets should contain enough problems to build skills, without becoming busy work.
Non-linguistic Representations Research Rational
"Providing a representation of knowledge without words (e.g., a graphic representation or physical model)" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).

Cooperatives Learning Research Rational
"Students working together in small groups" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).
Setting Objectives
Research Rational
"Identifying a learning goal or objective regarding a topic being considered in class" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).
Anovellife. (n.d.). Reading Comprehension Strategies: Compare and Contrast. Retrieved September 10, 2014, from https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2x8rpb9vFEg

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Marzano Research Laboratory. (2014). Meta-Analysis Database of Instructional Strategies. Retrieved September 10, 2014, from http://www.marzanoresearch.com/research/database
Providing Feedback Research Rational
"Providing students with information relative to how well they are doing regarding a specific assignment" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).
Generating & Testing Hypotheses Research Rational
When generating a hypothesis, selecting a topic is vital. Students will brainstorm the top five or more points to generate the topic. Students will need to have complete the background research completed on the topic. "Ask students to predict what will happen if a part of something mainstream was changed what could happen. Have students build something with limited resources" (Marzano, n.d.).
Cues My Definition
The practice of teachers implementing: hints, prompts, or leading statements to get students to demonstrate or improve their understanding of content areas.
Research Rational
Using what, why, when, how, where, and other questioning statements to assess student understanding.
Advanced Organizers Research Rational
"Providing students with visuals to represent information and allow for a preview of new content" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).
Homework & Practice
Best Practices
Students can complete independently.
Students can finish in a reasonable time frame.
Students will be able to reinforce various content area skills for further mastery.
Students practice these standards & benchmarks until they reach a fluid mastery.
Summarizing Best Practices
Teacher models summarizing student answers either written or verbal.
Have students highlight key words or definitions and refine the information when taking study notes.
My Definition of Summarizing
Simplifying books, articles, passages, paragraphs, or sentences.
Highlight key words or research definitions in short forms.
Putting data or information into your words.
Note Taking Best Practices
Helpful tools: highlighters, index cards, post-its, or note apps.
Personal format or outline style.
Teachers provide study guides or relevant chapter guides that build students' recording skills.
My Definition for Note Taking
Note taking records important data, facts, or information in an accessible form that is easy to read and utilize.
Best Practices for Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition
Address specific behaviors with in class rewards: verbally, materially, or publicly to establish desired attitudes and skills.
My Definition for Reinforcing
Effort & Providing Recognition
This addresses building specific behaviors such as study practices, classroom assignments, or desired attitudes. The teacher will reinforce or encourage positive choices. While redirecting any negative behaviors to approved learning options.
Homework & Practice
My Definition
Homework is teacher assigned work for students to practice and build necessary skills in any content area.
Non-linguistic Representations
Best Practices
Graphic Organizers
KWL Charts
Pictures of examples i.e. graphs, formats, or visual aids.

Non-linguistic Representations
My Definition
The utilization of visual images to aid and engage students. Non-Linguistic Representations supports students learning: new content, developing research skills, and building models for understanding.
Cooperatives Learning Best Practices
Establishing rules for equal participation & respect of partners.
Modeling and developing behaviors that lead to productive groups.
Have specific goals with opportunities within the directions for creativity.
Center these learning activities for meeting standards and benchmarks.
Cooperative Learning My Definition
Students being activity partners and participants in a group project to facilitate learning opportunities.
Setting Objectives Best Practices
Establishing what standards or goals will be accomplished.

Setting Objectives My Definition
Creating goals or mapping milestones that will be accomplished, during the school year.
Providing Feedback Best Practices
Constructive reflections of student practices or verbal confirmations of understanding.
Formal and informal messages.
Digital updates or responses to classroom assignments.
Providing Feedback My Definition
Teacher or peer review of behaviors, class assignments, or other products.
The created hypothesis will clearly show student formed predictions and conclusions (Marzano, n.d.).
Generating & Testing Hypotheses
Best Practices
Generating &Testing Hypotheses
My Definition
Cues Best Practices
Cues Research Rational
The formation of student developed prediction and theories that makes a well defined hypothesis.
"Using hints and questions to activate prior knowledge and deepen student understanding" (Marzano Research Laboratory, 2014).

Use of similar wording or comparisons "this is like..."
Physical props or objects pertaining to the subject area.
Visual Prompts: charts, graphs, etc.
Songs or Rhythms that have connections to the content.
Questions Best Practices
Use open ended questions.
Require short answer or essay responses.
Peer-to-peer questioning of text, solutions, or theories.
Questions My Definition
Asking students to evaluate their knowledge and respond to teacher inquires appropriately through verbal or written means. Student answers will demonstrate understanding and comprehension of the subject matter.
Advanced Organizers Best Practices
Making Graphic Organizers available to students.
Provide Venn Diagrams and ensure student comprehension of this organization tool.
KWL Charts
Advanced Organizers My Definition
Tools that exemplify organization of information, data, & resources for students to readily use in daily assignments.
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