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Making Connections

No description

Zara Simpson

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Making Connections

by Zara Simpson Making Connections The texts I have chosen are "A Midsummer Nights Dream", "My Sisters Keeper", "Charlotte's Web" and "Hunger Games". First connection : Determination
All of these texts have determination. In each text character/s are determined to get want they want . In a "Midsummer Nights dream" the characters are determined to find true love. The scene when Hermia and Helena are in the mud puddle and fighting for the one they love.This shows determination because best friends turn on each other and fight for the one they love!!!!! In "Charlotte's Web", Charlotte ( the spider) is determined to writes messages in her web to convince the farmer to let wilbur live. I can see this because Charlotte doesn't want to see her best friend be killed so she dose something about it. In the Hunger Games Katniss is determined in two ways, to save her sisters life and save her own life in the games . I can see this when her sisters name is called out to be in the games.Katniss volunteered to take part instead of her sister knowing that she had a very high chance of dying. Second connection: Love
In the Hunger Games Katniss has a relationship with Peeta. While Katniss was in the games she falls in love Petta as she believes this relationship they have will help her survive. Also in "A Midsummer Nights Dream" their are romantic relationships between the four main characters .This also connects to jealousy to find true love and to be with the person they love, sends the four of them on a wild adventure into the forest. Third connection: Death
In "Charlotte's Web" Charlotte (the spider) dies.This happens after Wilbur won best pig at the fair. Charlotte was a true friend to Wilbur her death hurt him but he wanted the messages she tort him and pass them on otothers. Also in "My Sisters Keeper" ( the movie ) Kate dies after a long battle with Leukemia since she was two. That was a very sad part of the film after all she went through. Its showing that people die, its a part of life and life isn't fair to some people in this world. Why I think the connections are in the texts
People can have a strong connection with the movie.If the text involves love ,people can connect more to the text because they can relate to the charterers and how they feel. Why I think the connection is there
People can also have a strong connection for losing a loved one. It helps the audience connect to the text. In a movie like "My Sisters Keeper" when a Kate dies it maybe hard to deal with but with help family and friends it can get better. What I found interesting
Is that the movies I chosen have a lot in common with each other when you think about there connections with each other. Which was interesting considering that they are all very different movies in their own way. Thanks for watching In "My Sisters Keeper" the Mother (Sara)is determined to save her child's life.I can see this when Sara had another daughter (Anna) juts so she could be a perfect genetic match for Kate so Anna could donate things like bone marrow, blood and a kidney for her sister, that she may need during her recovery.
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