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Skellig Chapters 1 - 11

No description

Claudia Tan

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Skellig Chapters 1 - 11

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Key Episodes
The key point is where Michael heard something scratching in one of the corners of the garage. This tells us that there is something in the garage and Michael will have to find out what is that ''something'' at the later part of the story.
Chapter 2
The theme is horror in this chapter as it has been written in detail on how the garage looks like inside out. From the detail given in the book, we can tell that the garage is old and looks like it is going to fall apart. It is also very creepy
Chapter 2
Plot Development
This chapter mostly tells us on how the garage look like and there is something suspicious inside. I feel curious about the story and cannot wait to know what that ''something'' is.
Chapter 3 Characterisation & Key Episodes
Michael was upset and also risky but at the same time, he is cautious
Chapter 2 Characterisation
Michael is presented as brave because he dared to enter the garage which was very damaged and dangerous. In the chapter, it was said that even if people were paid extra to enter the garage, none wanted to step into the garage. This shows that the garage may look very creepy and scary. Even after Michael heard disturbing noises from the garage, he was brave enough to enter the garage
Skellig Chapters 1 - 11
Chapter 4
Characterisation & Key Episodes
Michael is a caring person.
Michael went to his parents' room to take a look at his sister to check if she was fine. This states that he is caring towards his sister. He knows his sister is not feeling very well as he saw some wires and tubes sticking to her. His parents are afraid she would die. He also whispered to his sister to get strong.
Chapter 4 Themes & Plot Development
We need to care for our surroundings, to care and concern for each other. We need to build relationships with one another
I feel that the story has a deep meaning for us to take care and concern for our siblings
Chapter 5
He was presented as a young man with serious concerns about his family. He asked his parents what is going to happen to the garage, but he could be quite unwilling to help at times. He does not like changes
Chapter 5 Key Episodes & Themes
He began to notice the slightest things in his daily life. He observed the people around him. He became more understanding and mature.
Michael uses nicknames to call his teacher. He calls his teacher Yeti. This could mean that he does not like his teacher.
Chapter 5 Plot Development
The story is progressing very slowly. The whole chapter was about him talking to his father and things about his school
Chapter 6 Characterisation
Michael has been presented as a caring, understanding and curious boy. Michael has changed. He did not like the house at first, but there might be a possibility that because of Skellig, Michael is starting to like the house
Chapter 6
Key Episodes , Themes & Plot Development
This influences the story as previously Michael did not like the house.
The underlying message is that Michael is curious as to why Skellig is in the garage.
I feel that the story is going to get more interesting as he discovers more about Skellig.
Skellig is a mysterious and filthy creature. Michael is a stubborn person. He has many negative thoughts and is a little rude to people he dislike. Mr Stone is a sweet talker and has good persuasive skills.
It gives a rough idea for readers and impression of what it is going to be for the rest of the story.
Moving house is a decision that requires a lot of information. Think carefully before making any decisions.
It is just an outline of the characters. The story is very plain.
Michael got upset as he had to leave his friends due to the moving. He kicked the dandelions to show that he was very upset.

Chapter 7 Characterisation , Key Episodes , Themes & Plot Development
Michael likes to explore and is curious about things. At first, he did not like the house, but as time passes, he started to accept the fact that he could not change anything but his mindset.
He met Mina who is also as adventurous as him, and they started to explore much more things together.
It introduces a new character and unravel the mystery behind Skellig.
We have more information about Skellig and want to know more about his story.
Chapter 8 Characterisation , Key Episodes , Themes & Plot Development

Michael was caring and compassionate for Skellig even though Skellig was a complete stranger, moreover creepy and mysterious.
He brought aspirin for Skellig willingly although he did not know who or what Skellig was. He just wanted to help Skellig.
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Characterisation & Key Episodes
Michael is presented as a confused and curious person after getting to know Mina. He turned from cheerful to doubtful as to how the neighbourhood was weirdly like after roughly getting to know Mina, as she was much more different, much more unique compared to the other friends Michael had.
Chapter 10 Characterisation
Michael really wanted to know more about Skellig. Even though it was late at night and the entire of Michael's family was asleep, Michael could not contain his curiousity and eventually went to the garage to find Skellig. Michael cared about him although he was a complete stranger, a mysterious and creepy one in fact. Before going to the garage, he even took a jar of aspirin and brought him his favourite food. Michael offered to carry the tray of food for him when he said that he had no strength. This shows that Michael is considerate. He even wanted to bring his sister's doctor to treat him.
Chapter 10 Key Episodes , Themes & Plot Development
This shows that although Michael does not like to communicate much with people, he shows his care and concern through his actions. It tells us more of what kind of personality Michael has.
Through Michael's care towards Skellig, we can know that Michael is not a cold-hearted person, not a person who replies with simple and straightforward answers without any emotions. Michael is actually kind-hearted but he rarely expresses his true feelings.
I want to know more about Michael's personality. Michael is not someone we encounter in our lives oftenly.
Chapter 11 Characterisation & Key Episodes
He kept feeling anxious, could not concentrate well and was exhausted after not being able to get enough sleep. He changed because he kept worrying about his sister's health and the creature he found in the garage.
It makes the story more suspensive and gives a more intense and suspicious feel.
Chapter 11 Themes & Plot Development
There is a mysterious atmospheric feeling that requires you to think critically as some things in the book are expressed not so directly, but gives some clues as to how life is like for Michael after he found out about his sister's illness and Skellig, which allows us to predict and anticipate the next event that would most likely occur.
I feel the urge to continue reading to find out what would happen next, to know if things would get well or get worse
Michael now sees a different perspective someone else's life who is of his age, who acts differently and uniquely opposite of him and the types of friends he had. Michael starts to get a bit interested on how teenagers like Mina are like, unlike his usual public school mates.
Chapter 9 Themes & Plot Development
We should not think so bluntly of others who are different from you and be more open-minded, to understand and know people better.
The story becomes more focused on Michael and Mina. Like how they got to know each other, how they react towards their differences and what they think.
Care for others , be helpful
Michael changed , he became more expressive and more mature.
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