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Myth Bust Your Major

Revisions made for high school group- Nov. 2012

Erin Harvey

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Myth Bust Your Major

Myth Bust Your Major Stand : True Sit or stand to indicate your belieF Sit : False Presented by
UT Career Services Most first year college students know what they want to do. I can work in a field even if I don't major in that topic or area. UT has a concentration in Off Road Vehicle Technology. A Bachelor of Science degree is better than a Bachelor of Arts. There is a perfect career out there for me. You have to major in Biology or Chemistry to go to Med School. You don't have to major in Political Science to go to Law School. No one is hiring students fresh out of college with just Bachelor Degrees. Teachers can make more than Public relation specialists. You can't get a job with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. You should Use Career Services your senior year. Two Thirds of students change their majors; Only 10 percent feel they know a great deal about their intended majors/careers You need to pick a career that's in demand. Major Myths: You can often work in occupations even if you don't major in that field as long as you have the skills and experiences employers seek. UT has a Variety of majors! Check them out on the A-Z index in the Undergraduate Catalog! Bachelor of arts vs. Bachelor of Science - Focus on interdisciplinary courses
- Artistically and rhetorically inclined
- Political Science, Education, Social Sciences
- Creates a well-rounded individual - Focus on scientific and technical skills
- Interests in experimentation
- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
- Good for career in science or applied fields You are likely to find multiple careers satisfying and...

You can supplement your life with leisure and out-of-work activities! Career = Life Advanced Degree Myths Medical school requires certain pre-requesite classes eg. Biochemistry, Physics, Psychology but are open to students of any major. Law Schools LIKE a Variety of Majors! They prefer you have a minor as well, possibly in a Humanities. Several industry report hiring more that 50 percent of their new employees from the ranks of new college graduates! Accounting 62%
Government 56%
Oil and Gas Exploration 56%
Education, Health and Welfare Services 52% Salary
& Placement Median Salaries:
Teachers in TN: $45,200
PR Specialist in TN: $44,300

Get the facts! Resume Critiques Career Counselors What Can I Do With That Major Social Impact Fair Workshops Consultants Mock Interviews Classes books career Assessments Internships Etiquette Dinners Graduate School Application Assistance Hire-a-vol Disability Career Office Communication Job Fair Part-Time Jobs Social Justice Job Fair Career Info by College Sophomore Boot Camp Professional Development Advice Friendly Staff What does UT offer?
http://career.utk.edu Resources: career.utk.edu
usnews.com Supply and demand can change; Choosing based on demand alone may ignore interests and skills A Few Job Areas for
B.A. Psych Graduates:
Social Services
Youth Services
Child/Elder Care
Human Resources
Retail Management
Sales and Marketing
Customer Services
from Chi Psi
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