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Jesus' Life and the Five FCJ Value

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Rachel Olaleye

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Jesus' Life and the Five FCJ Value

Extended Learning Project

The FCJ Values
The FCJ values are something all Gumley students and FCJ sisters all around the world strive to do.
We strive to do this because Jesus lived his life by abiding to these rules, so we all try to follow in the footesteps of Christ!
Gentleness and Dignity
Throughout his life, Jesus conducted many miracles and told a lot of parables. To me a parable that shows a lot of dignity and gentleness is; The Prodigal Son. I think father in this story shows gentleness by not being angry with his son and treating him with care.

Gentleness and Dignity
In the story of The Prodigal Son. The son also shows dignity by respecting his father well enough to go back and apologize.
Gentleness and Dignity
Today, we can show gentleness and dignity by being nice to everyone we meet and showing respect to our peers. We all can get tempted to do the wrong thing at some times, but we just have to learn to be strong and over come temptation!
Gentleness and Dignity Extension
I think the Queen treats everyone with Gentleness and Dignity. She shows this by always being their for her country and just by being a gentle and respectful person!
Jesus was performing a miracle (by healing the sick) and the Pharisees started to complain, saying that Jesus should not heal people on the Sabbath day. Jesus retaliated by telling them that if they work on the Sabbath day why could he not perform good things on the Sabbath day.
Jesus showed a true sense of justice by standing up for what he believed. Which was doing good deeds on the Sabbath day. He also questioned the Pharisees rules, seeing as they were allowed to work on the Sabbath day. So as you can see, Jesus simply tried to stand up for his beliefs and take the Pharisees out of their unjust ways.
A parable that gives us a clear example of justice is; Zacchaeus the Tax Collector. I think this parable shows justice, because Zacchaeus repays all the people he has treated unjustly. Zacchaeus learns justice is important
and that you should always treat people with respect.
Christian Organizations
Christian organizations are global organizations which aim to eradicate the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. They are part of a wider movement for social justice.

Justice Extension
Jesus always taught us to work as one so we could be united as one. Jesus showed companionship everyday of his life. A parable that shows companionship is the; Good Samaritan. I think this parable shows companionship because the injured man, which the Samaritan helped, came from a different tribe to the Samaritan ( and one another tribes hated each other.
We should take a leaf out of Jesus' and the Samaritan's book. Seeing as they helped everyone they saw... even if they were enemies .
If we all acted like Jesus and the Good Samaritan, we could make our community a better place, our school a better place and the world a better place! We could also build up our relationship with our family and friends by being a great friend (companion) and alwys being there for them!
Companionship Extension
If I were a teacher today and I wanted to get one of Jesus' teachings across... I would...

Firstly, I would read to them in Jesus' own words then I would link it to the modern world, a parable for example: The Ten Talents. I would explain it as if a father had given 3 of his sons five pounds each. But only two of the sons would have made some more money as well as the one their father gave them whereas the third son did not invest in the five pound note at all.
Hope is VERY important! Hope provides everyone with joy, even if their feeling down.Hope is the only thing bigger than fear HOPE! Never lose faith in hope and you will always prevail.
When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane he asked God if didn't have to die. But God said it was the only way and because of Jesus' passion for all of us he went and die on the cross for us. He had hope everything would be alright !
By Rachel Olaleye 8M
I really admire and look up to her and hope that I too will have her gentle and respectful nature!
Jesus used all these values; Gentleness, Dignity, Justice, Companionship and Hope throughout his life. If we try to do the same we will not only be making our school a bettr place but the whole WORLD a better palce!!
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