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A long way from Mississippi - Wonder

Transition to Wonder book

Donna Sumrall

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of A long way from Mississippi - Wonder

A Long Way from Mississippi...
you'll find the world of Wonder.

A long way from Mississippi is a place
called New York City. It is in this place
where we meet Auggie, a very normal
little boy who seems to be anything but

This story isn't just about Auggie, however.
This is a story about those who have a connection with Auggie. Each character narrates from their point of view, which makes for a very interesting story.
Each character lives by certain "precepts," or rules to live by. Can you figure out what each character's "precept" is? Will your opinion change as the story develops? How will the story change as the characters are developed?
At one time or another, everyone feels like
they just don't fit in....like everyone else
somehow has it all together ... everyone
except them. They want to fade into the
background and just disappear.
Auggie knows that feeling more than most.
But there has never been a time when he could
just fade.
What connection
do you think these
pictures have in
Say Something Strategy
Make a prediction
Ask a question
Clarify your thoughts
Make a comment
Make a connection
If you can do one of these things about what you read,
then keep reading. If not, then re-read.
There are a number of reading strategies you can use with Wonder. For example, tell students to read as much as their hand will cover, then “Say Something” (see below) about what you just read before moving on.
This also incorporates the Speaking and Listening Standard as they share their ideas with each other.
Students can synthesis information and make inferences based on the characters. As they read, the teacher can guide them to re-visit these precepts to see if their ideas have changed as the characters become more developed.
Mr. Brown introduces the idea of
What is a precept?
Based on what you have read so far,
what do you think are the precepts of the main characters of Wonder?
In teams of four, make a list of what you consider to be the precepts of these characters. Be prepared to explain why you consider these to be their precepts.
FAST track to Character Analysis
To help students understand how authors develop characters,
you can give students this tool to help them analyze
information as it is presented.
Feelings - How is the character feeling? How do you know?
Actions - How is the character acting? What does this tell the
reader about the type of person this character is?
Sayings - What is the character saying that is a good example
of the type of character he/she is?
Thoughts - what is the
character thinking that lets
the reader know more about
the kind of person the
character is?
Summaries don't always have to be in paragraph form. At times, you
can check students' understanding with a slightly more "fun" activity
by making a cartoon!
Choose 4 important events from the chapters you read.
Sequence them in the correct order (first, next, then, last)
Accordion-fold your paper into four parts.
Create a comic strip of the 4 events you identified.
Switch comics with a partner and allow the partner to
summarize the chapters using just the events in your comic.
Is this an accurate summary of what happened?
Say it with a song
Help students make connections
and begin the process of learning
to research by using something
THEY enjoy - music!
Each chapter begins with
lyrics from a song. In
teams, take the lyrics written
at the beginning of each chapter and research them to
find out more about where these lyrics came from.
How to they apply/fit with the story?
Create a visual/prezi with information about these
lyrics and be prepared to share these with the class.
You can't just help but wonder...
...and you can't judge a book by its cover.
Allow students to read a passage by Carly, an autistic teen.
...then allow them to view this video
Performance Task
Sample of a Performance Task your students can do for this unit on Wonder.
Your advertising firm (group) has been hired by the Wonder organization,
a non-profit charity that raises awareness and promotes kindness, acceptance, and respect among teenagers. The Wonder Organization
would like you to create an advertisement that communicates the theme
of Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The advertisement can be a poster to hang in
the hallway, a video clip to share with other classes, a radio announcement
to use over the P/A system during morning announcements, or a prezi that can be shared with other classes.
Make sure your advertisement responds to one of the essential questions below:
* What can we do to be more accepting of differences?
* How can we show others respect?
* What is the impact of bullying on the victim?

Some of the ideas found in this prezi are from the following site:
Ideas you can
use with
your classroom
Additional motivational videos from Nick Vujicic
A series of 60 one minute videos that can help inspire others and could be used to start class each day.
Or you can go to Nick's website: http://www.attitudeisaltitude.com/
Non-fiction articles on Craniofacial anomalies:

Zydeco Fiddle
Students may have no idea
what kind of music Justin plays.
You can show this video and then have them
compare to other popular music forms!
Final Scene from Our Town
Why do you think Via cried real tears during this scene?
Articles on being judged by appearances
Article on teachers treating attractive students differently: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/02/opinion/schwartz-attractiveness-teens/
Articles on Hitler killing handicapped
Fairy tale connection to Kindness theme
Diamonds and Toads
There's more to the link between Auggie
and Major Tom than just a space helmet.
Both are characters who feel separated
from others, and on the verge of stepping
away from safety. For Auggie, it's leaving
the home school environment and
starting middle school. And for Major
Tom, it's exiting the space ship for a
space walk.

An allusion is an effective device
that adds another layer of
complexity to a narrative.
Author R.J. Palacio weaves
allusions throughout

from the classic American play
Our Town
The Lion, the Witch
and the Wardrobe
The Sound
of Music
. Her careful selection
of the allusion so that each
enhances Auggie's experiences
throughout the novel.
*This would make a good classroom poster for easy reference!
After reading and viewing, students can write about what they have learned and make connections to Wonder and how people misjudge Carly just like they misjudge Auggie.
The following are articles are more technical non-fiction articles and provide an opportunity to teach students to read and understand more complex text with unfamiliar vocabulary as well as learn more about Auggie's condition.
Another connection for those who are also doing units on Number the Stars or Boy in the Striped Pajamas would be articles ealing with Hiler's orders to kill the handicapped. This can make a connection between the units, activate prior knowledge and help create a more personal connection since most students will now have a connection through Julian.
Now go be inspired and create other
ways to teach our students about kindness...and share those ideas with us!
Letting go can be hard...on everyone.
Beecher Prep will never be the same...
...and neither will we.
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