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Cross Cultural Issues Scenarios

No description

Olivia Sharp

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Cross Cultural Issues Scenarios

Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Working as a part of a
Cross-Cultural Team Potential obstacles Negotiating with a Key
Buyer or Supplier Let's get motivated! Effective Communication Mobile device usages has exploded in recent years.

It become the standard means of communication.

Communication can be arduous task because of their high context nature and flowery use of language. A helping hand: Criticism and Performance Review 250 different tribes

Igbo people more entrepreneurial

Take more risks
More opportunistic
More frugal

Negotiating guidelines not true for all of Nigeria Build a Strong Relationship Negotiating with the Igbo Tribe High Collectivism, High Power Distance

Relationships and Trust is Key

Top Executives Make Decision
General consensus taken into consideration
Solid relationship with everyone involved Negotiations Clearly communication all details of the agreement
Benefits and Risks
Igbo people will not be as clear

Stay Flexible
Contract details

Import infrastructure, hire and train locally Understand Tribe Formality is important
Always use titles
Follow tribe rituals

Explore their beliefs
Christianity and Islam religions
African and Nigerian proverbs

"Dash" Conclusion Be flexible

Build life-long relationships

Remain patient

Focus on long-term benefits About Lindsey Sooner Graduated from OU, May 2012

Tried to help the late king of Congo

Production Assistant
Nollywood Direct vs. indirect communication
Accents and fluency
Attitudes toward hierarchy and authority
Norms for decision making Personal level: Cultural Intelligence

Team level: Adaptation How Lindsey can be successful Prestigious titles

Impressive offices Lindsay should enact a new goals for achievement
Objective Blackberry poured a lot of resources together to gain market share.

They are now the fastest growing cell-phone company.

They are considered sheik and classy while still being affordable. In order to succeed at full potential, she needs constantly check her phone and respond to messages quickly.

Messages should be intertwined with business and personal info.

Never be frank. Lindsay finds her workers...lazy She needs to figure out what motivates them Nigerians are family-oriented
Tutors for employees' children
Jobs for deserving family Nigerians love sports The system has not worked Lindsey: Working on pre-production for new Nollywood hit "Streets of Abuja"
Subordinates are underperforming
Risks the project How should she address her criticism? Nigeria: high power distance (80)
Very hierarchical management
Strict management
Openly critical of employees and their performance
"They do not expect their staff to demonstrate initiative, originality, or independent thinking."
Give orders, take orders Respect Lindsey's Authority Performance Reviews? In Theory: Dialogue, employees can self-evaluate.
In Reality: Not so much.
"lack of skill of the appraiser"
Many have hired expatriate "trainers" NIGERIA Business World Scenarios Bribery Filming Permits Director wants to film dance scene in Cote d'Ivoire
The permits from the culture ministry threaten to take 2 years for approval
Her coworkers tell her she should pay a bribe to the government official to get the permits by next week FCPA "to expedite or to secure the performance of a routine governmental action"
Permits, licenses, visas, etc.
No dollar limit - over $100, problematic
"Are you entitled anyway?"
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