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The Scarlet Letter

Period 3 Influences of the Setting

Sarah Graff

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter

Rising Action 1. A place where the devil lurks in hiding
2. A favorite place for the eccentric Mistress Hibbins.
3. Hester's secret is finally exposed to the readers
4. Forces of good and evil play within the trees Where it All Begins Rising Action 1. Hypocritical throughout the novel
2. All the townspeople are Secret Sinners repressed by society
3. Does not allow the citizens to learn from their mistakes from their sins
4. If the town wasn't as strict, what do you think would've happened to Hester? Exposition Rising Action Erin Reph, Sarah Graff, Bridget Burnett, Hannah Litwa, Hannah Cummiskey, and Mary Williams The Scarlet Letter Rising Action Rising Action 1. Dimmesdale is an essential character, moves from place to place and is worshiped by the town
2. Once Chillingworth moves in, everything changes; Dimmesdale loses his strength, but not his popularity
3. Irony is all around and influences the plot
4. Home is a place to hide sins and secrets 1. Personal shame and sin are exposed to the public eye
2. Introduces the main characters, and tension begins to increase
3. The Scaffold becomes even more important later in the novel
4. Without the events that happen on the scaffold, The Scarlet Letter would've never happened. 1. Set in the 1600's
2. Rise of Puritanism influences the plot
3. Puritans set up a theocracy for government
4. Sinners were punished severely for their crimes 1. The prison door “heavily timbered with oak, and studded with iron spikes."
2. A lone rose bush stands out against the bleak scenery
3. The entire town is out waiting outside of the foreboding prison
4. Offers an ironic look into Puritanical Society.
5. Promises were made in this jail
Promises that will haunt Hester throughout the novel The Scaffold The Town Climax The New England Holiday Resolution The Revelation of the Scarlet Letter The Leech and his Patient Another View of Hester 1. Hester is isolated from the town both mentally and physically
2. Pearl grows up around beauty, and becomes one with nature
3. Pearl evolves, from a little imp to a forest nymph to a young woman Falling Action The Prison Door A Forest Walk The Leech grows a heart 1. It's time. Dimmesdale has prepared his new speech
2. The entire town is out for the holiday, as well as the Native Americans, and sailors.
3. Dimmesdale is the epitome of superman, until after his confusing speech
4. Dimmesdale loses his strength, and finally confesses his sins to the people of the town
5. He joins Hester and Pearl on the scaffold and dies 1. Chillingworth loses his will to live with the death of Dimmesdale
2. The leech dies, and leaves everything to young Pearl
3. Pearl and Hester disappear, supposedly returning to England
4. Rumors of what really happened when Dimmesdale died, circulate
5. The Scarlet Letter becomes legend 1. A strange woman returns to Hester's cottage and simply stays, once again wearing her scarlet letter
2. Receives and sends gifts to a rich relative, possibly Pearl
3. Everyone looks to Hester as a sage elder, and the women constantly ask for advice
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"The Scarlet Letter" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne Sources
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