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No description

haegelsteen sam

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of THE OZONE LAYER

earth with ozone layer
earth without the ozone layer
the ozone layer

now i put a music of the ozone layer

i love the life because i can walk well every where
everything goes well because
there is no reason to be afraid
that everything changes

Now there is minus ozone everything changed and it is very cold so all my friends tiger and I will die
Now we're all going to die because there is minus ice so there is more water and we dont know swim
and even humans will die because the water is too high and therefore the water will demolish cities
Now I'll show you a graph of the holes in the ozone layer
thank you for your attention
caution you need to stop the earth
because if you don't do that we are
this and i thing you don't wont live
in this earth
thank you for your attention
caution the number is very big

Now i have a space to show you a video about the ozone layer and the inpact on the environement.
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