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Teachers Welfare and Benefits

No description

Rio Vierra Malla

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Teachers Welfare and Benefits

Other Monetary Benefits
1. Salary and Wages
Definition of Terms
(also called a schoolteacher) is a person who provides education for students.

teacher's professional duties
may extend beyond formal teaching.

- the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.
- financial support given to people in need.
- the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all citizens, sometimes referred to as public aid.
- are a portion of a total compensation package for employees.
2. Personnel Economic Relief Allowance(PERA)
- was granted to all employees of the government in 1991 in order to cushion the impact of increase of prices of commodities.
- it was increased from 2,000 to 4,000 as of March 12, 2012 by Sen. Manny Villar
Teachers shall enjoy academic freedom in the discharge of their professional duties, particularly with regard to teaching and classroom methods.
Special Hardship Allowance
In areas in which teachers are exposed to hardship such as difficulty in commuting to the place of work or other hazards peculiar to the place of employment, they shall be compensated special hardship allowances equivalent to at least twenty-five per cent of their monthly salary.
Other Compensation/Benefits
These are the things that a teacher needs for him to be able to bring the best knowledge for his students.
Academic Freedom
Hours of Work and Remuneration
Special Hardship Allowances
Health Measures and Injury Benefits
Leave and Retirement Benefit
Vacation Service Credits
Maternity/paternity Leave
Chalk Allowance - P1,000.00
Uniform/Clothing Allowance - P5,000.00
Teachers' Welfare and Benefits
A comprehensive, common set of benefits includes:
* sick days and vacation days * health insurance,
* life insurance, * dental insurance,
*vision insurance, * paid prescriptions,
*retirement benefits: plan or a pension,
a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly or biweekly basis made by an employer to an employee, especially a professional or white-collar worker.
Teacher I : 18, 459.00
Academic Freedom
Hours of Work and Remuneration
* Any teacher engaged in actual classroom instruction shall not be required to render more than six hours .
* Provided,however, That where the exigencies of the service so require, any teacher may be required to render more than six hours but not exceeding eight hours of actual classroom teaching a day upon payment of additional compensation at the same rate as his regular remuneration plus at least twenty-five per cent of his basic pay.
Health Measures and Injury Benefits
Compulsory medical examination shall be provided free of charge for all teachers before they take up teaching, and shall be repeated not less than once a year during the teacher's professional life.
Leave and Retirement Allowance
*Sec. 24.
Study Leave.
In addition to the leave privileges now enjoyed by teachers in the public schools, they shall be entitled to study leave not exceeding one school year after seven years of service.
*Sec. 25.
Indefinite Leave.
An indefinite sick leave of absence shall be granted to teachers when the nature of the illness demands a long treatment that will exceed one year at the least.

*Sec. 26.
Salary Increase upon Retirement.
Public school teachers having fulfilled the age and service requirements of the applicable retirement laws shall be given one range salary raise upon retirement, which shall be the basis of the computation of the lump sum of the retirement pay and the monthly benefits thereafter.
Vacation Service Credits
Sec. 9, MC 41,s.1998 defines Vacation Service Credits as the leave credits earned for services rendered on activities, during summer or Christmas vacation, as authorized by proper authority. These vacation service credits are used to offset absences of a teacher due to illness or to offset proportional deduction in vacation salary due to absences for personal reasons or late appointment.
Parental Leave
Is an additional leave benefit which shall be for seven (7) working days every year, with full pay, consisting of basic salary and mandatory allowances.
- is the amount granted for employees' industry and loyalty, which is generally discretional. Example:
Holiday or Christmas Bonus/Mid-Year Bonus
* What is PBIS?
The Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS) is a new system which employees may receive two incentives: the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) and the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI)
RA 7875, as amended by RA 9241
The National Health Insurance Program (NHIP), formerly known as Medicine, is a health insurance program for SSS members and their dependents whereby the healthy subsidize the sick who may find themselves in need of financial assistance when they get hospitalized.
The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth is the mandated administrator of the Medicare program (now known as NHIP) under the National Health Insurance Act of 1995.
Clothing Allowance
- an amount of money to compensate for the purchase of clothes for work, school, etc.

- a yearly P5,000 clothing allowance for public school teachers and non-teaching personnel.
Chalk Allowance
- under the proposed General Appropriations Act for 2002 (House Bill No. 5023), cash allowance for teachers for the purchase of chalks, erasers and other classroom supplies and materials shall be paid only to classroom teacher at One Thousand Pesos (P1,000) per teacher per school year.
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