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Michael Jackson Style

Amanda Kristine

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Ideology

By: Amanda Burks
Jeff Lind
Joseph Roberts
Rachel Broberg What is Ideology ? Ideology in
"They Don't Really Care About Us" Ideology in US Culture All in all Music Any Questions? Ideology, is a set of beliefs, teachings, etc. that represent, or characterize, a person, group, or culture; which influences how each one acts/lives.
These teachings, beliefs, etc. that compose ideology are the driving force behind a political or social movements. Visuals "They" Acapella vs MJ Solo War
Life People or a person of authority can not
have the right or ability to tell us who we are

THEY can't define US thank you for your attention Ideology PrescriptiveIdeology Descriptive Ideology They Don't Really Care About Us Prison Version 19 November 2012 Main Points: Ideology
Ideology in They Don't Really Care About Us
Visual (Prison & Rio Version)
Lyrics (Elaborating on "They" & "Us" & Historical Context)
Music (How the film makes use of music)
Ideology in US Culture Example- Politics, Social Movements a school of thought based on "common knowledge" rather than rational thought. Irrational Examples- Divine Right, Witch Craft When thoughts/beliefs/etc. are driven or
noted by fact or experience. Rationality Examples- Law Of gravity, chemistry "Us" Historical Context Lyrics Rio Version
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