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Lexile Measures in the Library

Finding a book in the library using a child's Lexile measure

Rebecca Anderson

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Lexile Measures in the Library

Lexile Measures Measures a child's reading level
Indicates text complexity and comprehension by measuring vocabulary, word frequency, sentence length, and text length
Can be used to match readers to texts
Lexile scores can vary greatly within a grade level What a Lexile Measure Can Not Tell Us Lexile measures do NOT:
measure text quality, text coherence, or themes within a text
take into account a reader's previous knowledge on a topic or pictures within a text
measure the age appropriateness of a text How Can We Use the Scores? Check SWAN To find a text that is the appropriate level of difficulty
During targeted reading practice- to find a text that is not too difficult or too easy
As a tool to guide choices
As a good place to start! Using Lexile Measures in the Library Tinley Park Public Library Visit "Find a Book" on the Lexile website: http://www.lexile.com/fab 1. Enter Lexile Measure 2. Select Interests 3. Further Narrow Results by Age,
Book Type, Language, and Page Count Check the SWAN catalog to see if the book is
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