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The Greek Dark Age

No description

Calli Huskisson

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Greek Dark Age

The Greek Dark Age was a tough time period for the Athenians and Spartans.
The Greek Dark Age
The Greek Dark Age
The Storytellers
During the Greek Dark Age, some people earned a living by story telling. They went from town to town telling stories about the hated Dorians.
The Storytellers
Thanks to the storytellers, the people now had a common language. They would only tell their stories in Greek. It was alot easier learning one language then learning lots of languages. Everyone wanted to listen to the stories, so the people would learn greek to better understand them.
The Dorians

The Dorians were very mean people. The Dorians were not into art, reading, songs or dance. They were into war. Instead of singing a song, they would rather go destroy a city.
The Dorians ruled and they were very mean. But after the Greek Dark Age, things settled down. Therefore, the Greek Dark Age was dreaded by the Athenians and Spartans.
The Dorians ruled during the Greek Dark Age. During the Greek Dark Age, the Dorians ruled the people in the Greek peninsula. The Dorians did not have a written language, so historians know little about the Greek Dark Age.
All the people that the Dorians conquered hated the Dorians because they were not allowed to do their own thing. They were forced to kill and destroy. They had to follow the Dorian ways.
The Greek Dark Age
It was very easy for the Dorians to conquer the Athenians and Spartans. The Dorians had metal weapons, everyone else had stone weapons. The Dorians settled in Athens, then they left. Then, they settled in Sparta, but they wouldn’t leave. Their rule lasted for 400 years.
After the Greek Dark Age, things were more peaceful. In 750 B.C. the Greek Dark Age came to an end. Then, the Greek Expansion started. The population had increased during the Dark Age. During the Greek Expansion, the villages grew into cities and leaders arose.
The Greek Expansion
The Dorians
Everything was a lot more peaceful. Cities would trade with each other and almost everyone had food. This was a big difference from the Greek Dark Age.
The Greek Expansion
The Greek Dark Age was very important to Greek history because we now know alot of things we didn't know before like everybody hated the Dorians. Also, the Dorians hated song, dance and art. They liked killing and destroying.
We also learned what happened after the Greek Dark Age, how things were a lot more peaceful. The Greek Dark age is very important to Greek history because it was such a tough time period for the Athenians and Spartans.
A Message Of Ancient Days Page 333
http://www2.uncp.edu/home/rwb lecture_med_civ.htm
By, Anna Busalacchi, Allie Bonner and Calli Huskisson
d4nations.com/webpubl/images storytelling.jpg
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