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My Life by:justice landry

No description

crystal walton-wyche

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of My Life by:justice landry

Step 2
they do not know how to work together
Step 3
Step 4
My Life by:justice landry
Hi my name is Justice Landry and I am writing about MY LIFE.I got the idea from school.People in school are bossy so i decided to write about it.People at my school are bossy and do not know how to work with each other.So that is my introduction.
When people get bossy I get away from them far away from them.I do not want to be in people mess. They be wondering why I sit far away from them.Then they ask me do I want to write. That is why I do not like or be around bossy people.
bossy people
They do not know how to work with each other
they do not know how to work together.Its always some one who want to control everything.That just gets on my last nures.Thats why i do not work with them cause it will start stuff.The people that want to control everything is Breonna , Makayla ,and well nobody in the boys group want to control everything.
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