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Your Passion Project

No description

Anne Lashway

on 13 November 2016

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Transcript of Your Passion Project

Your Passion Project:
The Product of Genius Hour

What Is It?
I Don't Even Know Where to Start!!!
Who are creative
Who are important
Who are intelligent
But We're Just Juniors
Who can inspire change
Who are capable
What am I passionate about?
What would I like to see change?
Who or what has inspired me?
How do I want to prepare myself for the future?
What is lacking in this world?
What footprints do I want to leave behind?
How do I want to inspire others?

Ask Yourself...
The Realm of Possibility Exists Within Each of You
What's the Process?
Find your passion.
Create a guiding question.
Blog about your progress.
Learn, think, create, inspire.
And eventually...
Share with the WORLD
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