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Lessons of ENG3CO

No description

Anderson Zhong

on 11 October 2017

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Transcript of Lessons of ENG3CO

Creativity is the ability to think in a variety of ways. You've taught us that it was necessary for life in the future where we'll be in the work force. Creativity allows us to problem solve which everyone needs once a problem appears during work and also the ability to create and think of new ideas which is great because it can create inventions and maybe innovations for existing tools.

I also think it works together with collaboration and communications, as sharing ideas might "spark" some new ideas!

I have to admit, this isn't my strong suit and I'm trying to improve it.

This month was a fun month. Sure I've had depressing moments during it but I got to meet new people and make new friends, but most importantly met you who have changed my look of the future. You taught us lessons of not just school but life also, making me actually looking forward to the future.

Thank you, Mr.Ignatius
Collaboration is another skill of learning. Along with the other 3 Cs, I've learned this from you. Collaboration helped me by allowing me to do group work, and finding solutions together.

I've never been a fan of group work, but I finally tried it and it was surprisingly easy. As with communication, it also helped me share my thoughts on the problem at hand and boosted up my confidence .
Lastly, the most important thing you've taught me in this class to me is that reality isn't so nice. Reality doesn't go my way, so I can't hope for a better tomorrow when I have few days left of my life due to cancer. I can't have a boss that doesn't yell at me for doing something wrong and get away with it. Reality is torture. I'll have to suck it up and stick with it, as you said, I'll have to work with people I won't like, but I won't have a choice if I want to live.

That is reality.
Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and deeply into a subject that you're viewing.

It's important because it allows us to think rationally, basing things on reasons and not feelings. Critical thinking, like metacognition, also allows us to be aware of what we're thinking, it lets us be active in the process as we're looking for deeper meanings, we ask questions to ourselves.

This allows us to improve our thinking and the ability to recognize issues.
This seriously isn't one of the things I've done in the past or even now, but I truly think this is an effective way because if I die tomorrow, I'll at least have this finished work for you to look at.
Another one of the things I've learned from your class is how to be a strong speaker for large groups.

To be a strong speaker, you need to have good posture, a good voice, walking around naturally, use body language and finally, get the audience involved. Getting the audience involves not only increases their interest in the subject, but are more active and helps you get attention, making your speech easier.
The 4 Cs are communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. They're components of writing and learning that you've taught us at around the end of this course.

It gave me a lot to think about and what to improve on my job as a student, as a learner.
It also applied to my daily life and not just student life, but my public life too, it helped me.
The Cs of Learning
It allows me to learn more efficiently and question why I'm thinking of what I'm thinking during the moment. This can helped me improve my old issues on only thinking narrowly, one way view.
The beginning of summer school was a decent one. I never knew summer school could teach one about life and reality itself. I've always thought summer school was a place just to do work, earn credits and get the heck out of there, but I was wrong.

Summer school taught me many things and this Prezi will display what I've learned throughout this month.
As I said before, you constantly mention Metacognition through out this month that it places as one of the important parts of my life in how I live.
This is a thing I had learned from a video that you showed me. It's where Steve Jobs talks to the students of Stanford and told everyone to do whatever they have to, because life can end any time, so believe in it so that you'll put your best efforts into everything you love doing, knowing you have nothing to lose except time.
The Lessons of ENG3CO
Anderson Zhong
The Beginning
How I Viewed Myself
Metacognition, thinking of your thinking is what you taught throughout this course and what I remembered most.
Metacognition allows me to think about what I'm learning and ask questions to see how I do it. I do this unconsciously but It was important for me to know what it was to improve on it.



The 4 Cs
The Little Things
Strong Speaking
Life Doesn't Last Forever
What is Reality?
Study of Language
The study of language is the study of what drives us in this world, which is language. We teach our selves to look at different perspectives with language, we work with each other in a collaborative manner with language, and we express our thoughts and ideas with language.

Language is what motivates us in life and is the common connection that links us all.
Metacognition cont.
A little explanation of metacognitive skills and how to learn them,
Communication is an important skill, not only for school life, but for life too. Communications allow you to interact with others, sharing ideas which can help you learn things, question other's thoughts and find solutions to problem that I've never though of.

Communications helped me by allowing me to share my ideas with group members. I never liked sharing my thoughts but by what you said, I sought to improve myself by using this method, and it sure helped me in some ways.
The Four C's Video
Critical Thinking
The End
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