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Five Cent Speech

No description

Rachel Bertens

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Five Cent Speech

Five Cent Speech Mackenzie King gave the speech in the late 1920's King was a Liberal, so he didn't want to give any support to the Conservative run provinces Mackenzie King Most Canadians were not happy with this decision so at the upcoming election, R.B. Bennett was elected R.B. Bennett Bennett was Prime Minister from 1930-1935 Bennett as Prime Minister Mackenzie King was Prime Minister for the longest time of all Prime Ministers totaling at 21 years King as Prime Minister This totaled to be 6 mandates He was in office during the years: 1921-1926 1926-1930 1935-1948 "So far as giving money from this federal treasury to provide provincial governments is concerned," King said, "in relation to this question of unemployment as it exists today, I might be prepared to go to a certain length possibly in meeting one or two western provinces that have Progressive premiers at the head of their governments..." "But, I would not give a single cent to any Tory government!" He continued " With respect to giving moneys out of the federal treasury to any Tory Government in this country for these alleged unemployment purposes, with these governments situated as they are today, with policies diametrically opposed to those of this government, I would not give them a five cent piece."
-Mackenzie King
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