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No description

Chloe Peng

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Br

Hi,I`m Chloe. I am going to tell you about Brazil. Brazil is a fascinating place.I am going to tell you about the geography ,culture , the clothing and food.I am going to tell about Brazil but here is a picture of the the Brazil flag which looks like this.

The Amazon rainforest covers half of Brazil.
Brazil is covered with wetlands, savanna , cost lined and beaches. People live near cities near the water.T he largest country in Brazil is Sao Paolo. Brazil is in South America.

Has the carnivals Sanba and other carnivals before Lenta from 4 days. Rio is most populest and largest
up to 6,000,000, which is half of Brazil ' s tourists
[Cadiocas] last for 4 days of dancing.
Some Brazil Picture
Amazon Rainforest

Amazon river
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