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Why Social Media?

No description

Busey Communications

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Why Social Media?

Social Media
& You!
Social Media
How to effectively utilize
social media tools.
for you and Busey
is important for you and Busey.
guidelines protect everything we do.
Busey will utilize social media to communicate in a personalized manner to an array of audiences. Many users accept these forms of communication as more relevant, more authentic and more credible than traditional sources.
In order to communicate consistently and effectively, all associates are strongly encouraged to review and revisit the Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy.
These policies are always at your disposal and can be found under Resources – Policies On The Level or on the Social Media Resources page.
Users who violate any of the guidelines set forth in these policies will be subject to disciplinary action, including:

Verbal Warnings
Written Warnings
Revocation of Access Privileges

Busey retains the right to report any illegal violations to the appropriate authorities.
Socialite will serve as an auditing and archiving tool for external customers as well as associates. Socialite holds information for pre-approval to prevent data leaks and violations of company policy and to archive social media content for compliance purposes.

All traffic, both inbound and outbound, can be scanned for confidential or restricted content ensuring that the use of social media in the workplace is not creating a back door for confidential and business specific data to be leaked.
Socialite enables organizations to monitor and control how associates use specific features within social media sites and prevents use of features if applicable.
Connecting with our Pillars through social media will strengthen relationships and build a strong online presence for Busey. Our main focus is to start the conversation and foster two-way communication. Through social media, we will continue to convey the Busey Promise, communicate with our Pillars and emphasize Busey’s competitive advantage.
Building an online, social presence for Busey will increase brand awareness by using social networking sites to cater to a wide range of audiences from students to older demographics.
We will use social media as an educational tool, providing resources such as, articles, videos and calculators, to help them make informed and safe financial decisions.
In conjunction with traditional forms of customer interaction, Busey’s social networking sites will act as a platform for customer service. Pillars will be able to voice their satisfactions, thoughts and grievances. A response from Busey via social media will provide a quicker interaction with the customer in a social community.
Social media will provide enhanced visibility to Busey’s products and services. Ultimately, a social media presence will provide a very cost-effective platform to reach consumers. Indirectly and in the long-term, social media will build trust and community with customers while increasing awareness and loyalty to the Busey brand.
There is an opportunity to use social media as a recruiting resource for Busey. Potential candidates often look to social networking sites as their first step in the job hunt process.
Community Engagement
Brand Awareness
Educational Resources
Customer Service
Sales & Growth

When defining social media for our business, we are referring to social networking sites including:
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