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Khayelitsha Social Centre

No description

Khayelitsha Social Centre

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Khayelitsha Social Centre

The Khayelitsha Social Centre

The need
During apartheid, Khayelitsha was designed to cut-off black South Africans from the rest of the city, provide them with inferior infrustructure and services while still forcing them to work outsidethe township. Overcoming this has been a challenge requiring holistic transformation.
The Strategy
Do community groundwork and ensuring local buy-in
Follow a grassroots bottom-up approach
Build a membership based organisation
Form a cooperative governance structure
The Backing
The concept is being endorsed by a number of community groups and institutional stakeholders including:

Way of Life Church (Khayelitsha)
Community Connect (Khayelitsha)
The Thope Foundation (Khayelitsha)
Open Streets
African Arts Institute (AFAI)
MyLife Foundation
Whole Earth Building Foundation
Children of South Africa (CHOSA)
The Precedence
The Khayelitsha Social Centre concept is based on a number of successful urban design and social development initiatives that seek to improve upon the failures of unintegrated development projects.
The Building
The KSC will be an innovative and environmentally sustainable building using the following approaches:
Modern design (feel & look)
Eco-friendly sandbag building method
Permaculture approach
The Location
Site C, Khayelitsha
The Themes
Socioeconomic Data
60% unemployment
2013: 168 cases of murder (ISS)
Average household income R2k
Lack of positive gathering spaces
1400 unlicensed shebeens (COI)
50% of residents living in informal structures
Social Analysis
Khayelitsha is an under-served poor township with few safe spaces to congregate and popular socially oriented services.

The lack of popular gathering spaces outside churches and shebeens demonstrates the need for open, accessible, and positive spaces for residents.
Community Views
Community members in Site C and Site B often complain of the lack of safe locations to gather.

At night, many families lock themselves inside their homes - the only safe place they know.

Residents also complain of high prices to access services like the internet.
European Social Centres
Social centres are not-for-profit community spaces used for a range of activities such as cafes, libraries, computer labs, art studios, legal aid and housing for travellers.

They promote local activities and build support for grassroots networks. Services are determined by the local need and participants' skills.
Urban Transformation in Medellin
Through a holistic process of linking transport infrastructure, urban design and social development initiatives, Medellin has become world renown. The España Library located in large favela, is a successful example of this approach.
Bantu Men's Social Centre
Floor plan
Music and video Recording Studio
Professional recording, editing, mixing, mastering, production
Training & workshops
Community Media
Do-it-yourself space rental
Sliding scale
Basic accommodation for travellers
Clean & safe
Free wifi
Urban agriculture
Organic vegetable garden
Supply to KSC restaurant
Permaculture method
Founded in 1924 in Joburg, it played an essential social, political, and cultural role in the lives of black South Africans. Prominent members: Anton Lembede, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela.
Key public transport node
Easily accessible via N2 Freeway
Underdeveloped area with limited amenities
Dearth of social and community oriented spaces
Building design
Building material
Library and Bookstore
New & used
Member's library
Local crafts
Paintings & other art
Fast Food
Home-cooked Meals
Vegetarian options
Coffees & teas
Indoor games
Film screenings
Meeting place
Events Hub
Restaurant and Café
Media Centre
Printing, scanning, copying
Computer training
Help: CVs & reports
Linux & open source depot
NGO rental space with sliding scale
Adsl and landline pre-installed
Access to meeting rooms
Office space
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