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Doing Research: Who Do You Trust?

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Seth Allen

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Doing Research: Who Do You Trust?

Wikipedia and
the 'Facts'

What Does Wikipedia Say Today?
What is Wikipedia?
Just look at the disclaimers:
"We Don't Expect You to Trust Us"
"We Don't Have Firm Rules about Editing/Adding Info"
"Wikipedia is not censored"
"Use Wikipedia at Your Own Risk"
"Wikipedia Doesn't Provide Medical/Legal Advice/Accurate Information"

Now What???
Using Wikipedia Wisely

It's easy to change articles in Wikipedia- just log in and you have the right to change just about any article.

Let's start a fire, shall we?

What to do when
the CRAAP hits the fan.....
ProQuest is a good replacement for Wikipedia.

And if you need help sorting
this CRAAP out, we're here to help
Now's let discuss Wikipedia in groups
Bottom Line: Consume With Caution
Wikipedia is a good tool for finding more about a topic, but not reliable enough to cite on an academic paper
Seth Allen & Ms. Vonnie Johnson
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