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Lord of the Flies- Multigenre Project

No description

Sarah Franklin

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies- Multigenre Project

Lord of the Flies Sarah Franklin Table of Contents 1) Proposal for Order
2) Symbol Analysis
3) Letter to William Golding
4) Newspaper Article
5) Diary Entry: In Roger's Eyes
6) Final Quiz 1
6 Proposal for Order 1 Symbol Analysis 2 Letter to William Golding 3 4 5 6 Everyone votes on a chief/leader. Whoever wins the “election” is in charge, no questions asked.
The election will be held on the pink rocks in a civilized manner. Everyone is given the opportunity to vote, one at a time, placing the vote in the log at the end of the rocks, signing his or her name to enforce the vote. If the vote is not signed, it will not be counted.
The elected chief/leader is now in charge and may change a rule if he deems necessary, because he was elected with the ability to do so. Changing a law must be done with the creation of a law that must be voted by 75% or more of the people on the island.
If one disagrees with the chief, one must do so quietly and take no action.
If one believes another election is to be held, anyone currently living on the island has the ability to hold another election. If 60% of those living on the island (or more) participate in the new election, it will be held as official and a new leader may be elected. However, the current leader may stay in authority. ELECTION explanation Newspaper Article Roger's Diary Entry by William Golding CONCH However, even Ralph agrees that by the time they have all turned completely savage, even the conch could not fix anything (196). At the end, Jack isn’t paying attention to it at all, doesn’t necessarily care about what could happen to it, and ends up accidentally smashing the conch, resulting in the end of all hope of remaining even somewhat civil and fully crossing over to savagery. The conch shell in Lord of the Flies is included throughout the whole story, portraying that it has significant meaning. In the book, it is introduced when the boys first arrive on the island, and Ralph and Piggy find it in the lagoon. In this way, it represents the start of their adventure, but also what the group is about to get themselves into. However, the conch is mainly the symbol of leadership and power throughout the book because whoever has it has the “power” to speak. In the beginning, it is apparent right away that the blowing of the conch means something to the boys when one of them says, “‘Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing’”(22). Although they might not understand exactly what it is yet, it is an obvious talisman in the book because they boys recognize its power right away. Also towards the beginning, the conch is portrayed as one of the most powerful objects when they are voting for Ralph because, “Although there was a stillness about Ralph...most powerfully, there was the conch” (22). As the story goes on, the conch continues to represent leadership, although many rules are not being followed by many about who is in possession of the conch. When Jack is trying to “overthrow” Ralph, Piggy tries to convince Ralph about how important the conch really is and what kind of power he can have with it (108). From this point on, the conch is taken less seriously by all of the others and eventually they just start to ignore it and the potential civility it may bring. Although the conch continuously appears until the end of the book, the only one who still respects the power of it and the original rules it contains is Piggy (171). This shows that Piggy holds onto respect if he believes in it and has very independent thoughts; he will not let others continue to tell him what to do. Everyone must wear the clothes he came with: NO NUDITY ALLOWED.
Every Sunday is “wash day”: take all clothes to lagoon, wash clothes and body.
If one feels the need to wash your clothes/body at any other time, one may do so if it is an appropriate time. MISC 1. Is the relationship between Piggy and Jack similar to relationships seen in and around communities today? If so, how?
Their relationship is shown in the appearance of bullies and their victims, although many of the victims often do not show any interest in standing up to their bully. 2. Why does Simon feel the need to go off alone into the wild? Simon sometimes feels the need to be alone in order to think about his thoughts, as he is a major introvert and sometimes can be seen as having a deeper understanding than the others. 3. How could leaders today possibly learn from the experiences of Ralph and Jack? Ralph and Jack often struggled on agreeing and therefore were constantly fighting for power: leaders today could learn from this by making decisions/compromises to prevent fighting/war from happening. 5. Why are the boys hesitant at first to admitting that there might really be a beast? The boys do not want to give in to their fear, and they would feel better convincing themselves that there is no beast to start with. 6. What alerts the group that there really is no beast after all? They see that a dead parachutist fell from a plane fight and landed on the island; they discover that nothing is after them. 8. Name at least two ways that the novel corresponds with the Bible. One way includes that when the boys first arrived on the island, it was described like the Garden of Eden and the boys resembled Adam and Eve- it was serene and there was no savagery in play. Also, the "beast" mentioned in the novel connects to the devil (Satan) in the Bible because it creates fear in the boys and is the first real threat on the island. 9. What ends up splitting the group up into two “tribes”? The fight between Jack and Ralph for power is ultimately the reason that the two tribes split up, and with them split up they were able to each live by their own rules. 11. What is one example today where we still see the intolerance and unacceptance of figures represnting the littl’uns? Many adults today treat kids and teenagers like the big’uns treated the littl’uns in the way that they believe they cannot make decisions for themselves and are basically useless when it comes to decisions. Jack can be seen as the most savage because he is the one that goes the furthest to make sure he gets what he wants- he even goes to the limit of being okay with someone dying or being killed under his realm, as long as he is still getting what he wants. 10. Who is the most savage of them all, and why? He was the most vulnerable physically, socially, and even emotionally the most unstable, making it easy for Jack and his tribe to pick on. 7. What is the most likely reason that Piggy was the one who was mainly picked on? They were on the plane from the British Evacuation that crash-landed on the island. 4. How do the boys end up on the island? Final Quiz Part 1 Part 2 I chose these rules in regarding living on the island in the hopes that the residents living there will become more civilized and have a better experience living there. Overall, it will be best if the result includes the outcome of the boys staying civil throughout their whole stay and never having to resort to savagery throughout their time on the island. Dear Mr. Golding, Overall, I believe that everyone has the same capability to be evil as they do to be good, and it is not anyone else’s position to determine which they are. True, many people do choose to be on the “evil” side of things, but many choose the opposite as well. Like you put it, it depends on the circumstances. Thank you for listening to my concerns. Yours sincerely, Sarah Franklin In your book, Lord of the Flies, you made it very clear that every human being has the potential to be truly evil, and that it will show (depending on the circumstances) in everyone. This was a very overwhelming idea that you presented, and portrayed it in a deep, savage scenario concerning small children. Since I know you have such a concern about what humans really have at their core, I was writing this to possibly give you a different outlook on how humans might be looked at a little differently. I understand the strong emotions for the idea of “evil humans”, as you might call it, and that you do not see any different perspective on people other than this. However, I disagree with your take on it. I believe that although some people can be very genuinely mean, they also have the capability to be sincere and kind; maybe even more so than the capability to be evil. It all depends on the person and their personality. No matter what they are brought up like, I believe that it is the person’s choice whether they choose to be evil or not, and the choice that they make is a big part of what makes them who they are as a person. BREAKING NEWS! MISSING BOYS BACK FROM LONG JOURNEY AWAY FROM HOME Recently, a group of elementary-middle school aged boys was found in a far-off pacific island. They were rescued yesterday by a marine pilot that saw their smoke signals coming from the island they were stranded on. Apparently they were well prepared as they knew what to do to make a smoke-signal, but the fire must have gotten out of hand. When authorities arrived, most of the forest was smoldering. No one blames these boys, as they are merely children, but curiosity has been beginning to arise. They have not spoken as to where they came from, why they were there, how they got there, or how long they were there. The condition they were found in suggested that they had made the island their home, but no one knows for sure. All we know is that they were happily playing when the authorities arrived, just like children their age should be. Once they get safely home to their families, more information will hopefully be released. April 4, 1967 Sincerely,
Roger When I visited the class today, I was forced to relive some of my old memories. They were memories so old, they now just seem like make-believe stories I tell to the students. But they really happened, and sometimes I can’t even fathom how savage I used to be. I know I have been visiting classrooms telling people about what I do ever since I was enlisted in the army. After my father died that terrible summer, it inspired me to become like him. A soldier. The stories about my father, and the days of my father, were the stories that came into my mind today. I haven’t thought about what happened on that island in a long time. I was friends with all of those boys, though that didn’t last long. The images of running wildly through the trees filled my mind, screaming without a care in the world. You know, we thought that we had it great back then. No parents, no rules, just freedom. And of course, it was just as great as it seemed. At least, at first it was. I just wish I could take it all back. Of course now, I am appalled with all of our behaviors. If I ever saw children running around recklessly like that, I would call the cops, alert authorities, do something. The problem was, there was no one to tell us what to do. I regret almost everything that happened on that island. We never meant to hurt anyone really, just have fun. I know we took it too far, and that’s why whenever I think about the time we spent on that island, I get sick to my stomach. I remember Jack. Jack, the power-thirsty 12-year-old. I have yet to meet a kid like him. I had to admire his drive, his stamina to get through whatever he wanted. And he did. Which is why things turned out the way they did, I guess. 12. What is one reason that Simon would like to wander off on his own? 13. What is one reason as to why Piggy is picked on the most? One reason that Piggy is picked on the most is because he is the most vulnerable, both emotionally and physically. He is the fattest boy and wears glasses, so the boys can make fun of him for that. He is also pretty emotionally unstable and can break apart easily. One reason that Simon likes to wander off on his own is because often times he feels differently than the others do about the situation, and he also seems to understand the deeper meaning of things than the other boys. Because of this, he feels the need to think about it on his own.
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