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Air Aerodynamics And Flight

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Ramey Hounsell

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Air Aerodynamics And Flight

Air Aerodynamics & Flight
What is air Made of?
Air is made of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium and Carbon dioxide and other gases. Some scientists say that the amount of carbon dioxide will double in the next 100 years
How Does Air Take Up Space?
Air is made up of little molecules and mass but the molecules are so small that we cannot see them. And anything that has mass takes up space even if we cannot see them. If air did not take up space we could not fill balloons because the air would not take up space.
Why Can Living Things Fly?
Scientist split flying animals into two categories powered and unpowered. Unpowered birds and other things glide and powered ones use there wings to propel
Does Air Exert Pressure?
Air does exert pressure like water does. The higher up you go the less you can feel the pressure because there is less air above you.
What is Bernoulli's Principle?
Bernoullis's principle describes how a plane flies. When something is moving fast it is under less pressure than normal. The top of the wing is under less pressure than the bottom so the pressure on the bottom pushes up the whole plane
How is Air Capable of Being Compressed?
When air is compressed the molecules become closer together until they become a liquid like when you compress oxygen it becomes liquid oxygen. The same thing can happen with any gas.
By Ramey Hounsell
How do Machines fly? Part 2
How Can Machines Fly?
Airplanes fly using Bernoulli's principal. The jet engines propels the plane and bernoullis princaple makes it fly.
A helicopter gets its power from rotors or blades. When its rotors are spinning, a helicopter doesn't look much like an airplane. But the rotor blades have an airfoil shape like the wings of an airplane. So as the rotors turn, air flows more quickly over the tops of the blades than it does below. This creates enough lift for flight.
What is the effect of Streamlining

the more streamline or aerodynamic a wing is
the less drag is on it so it flies better. And the less streamlined a wing is the more drag is put on it

How are Planes and Spacecrafts Similar
Planes have bigger wings so they
can fly,jet engines and jet fuel
and wheels to land.
Spacecrafts have rocket engines and
rocket fuel to propel it through space
small wings to help it land
How do these Work?
when a person opens up a parachute air rushes in the parachute and that makes the
air pressure the same on both sides with slows the person or package down.
The Hot Air balloon
The wings on a glider have to produce enough lift to balance the weight of the glider. The faster the glider goes the more lift the wings make. If the glider flies fast enough the wings will produce enough lift to keep it in the air. But, the wings and the body of the glider also produce drag, and they produce more drag the faster the glider flies. Since there's no engine on a glider to produce thrust, the glider has to generate speed in some other way. Angling the glider downward, trading altitude for speed, allows the glider to fly fast enough to generate the lift needed to support its weight.
Aircraft's fly using Bernoulli's principal
to keep them in the air the engines propel
the plane or aircraft and all the components
help steer and control the plane
The Importance of Stability and Control on a Airplane
pilots need stability and control of an airplane so they ca guild it to it destination and so them and the pilots don't die.
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