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Copy of Regency project case study

"save a copy", and customize your own content and layout

Nguyen Thao

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Regency project case study

Project kicked off
In the spring of 2005, Hodgkins was hired. Discussion on Conception, design and floor outline.
Mid 2005, Bidding proccess
Choosing Kelly Construction as general contracter.
Fall 2005, preparation for construction at a rapid rate
2006-2007: Construction process
01st Jun 2007: Original closing date
Project Introduction
Customer Awareness
Risk control
A project manager has to construct a clear plan that covers every hinge and area from the objectives of a project to work processes, and to evaluation of a project. The objectives and direction need to be provided by the project manager and communicated to the rest of the project team members, who have to be actively involved in all work processes. Deadline for the project is very tight but PM did not make room for any contingency plan.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Trying to push through the changes. This should definitely minimize the amount of work load. Millers will be satisfied with this option. But the problem regarding this is the cost overruns will occur when putting a hold on the unit.
Telling Millers that it was too late to customize the unit. This is more suitable as they can directly reduce the exceeding cost and the schedule and deliver the completed requirements at the right time. It will certainly not affect the whole floor design. After completing the condominium of Millers, they can make changes to their condo as they wish. But there’s a small issue which will be arisen at this point. If the Millers reconstruct the units, the entire floor would have to be shut down and it will require careful coordination as it has some sort of risks
Option 4
Hiring a small general contractor to come in and finish out the unit before the closing. This will be helpful in delivering the project on time with applied changes. But Kelly construction would give a small credit for the work since the materials have been purchased at early stage. Due to difference in between the two labourer parties’ violence and vandalism can be occurred. Also their mobilization and overhead expenses would make their quotes prohibitive.
My suggestion
Concerning the above options, we thought that the fifth option will be the most suitable option Hodgkins should take at this point. Because the project schedule will not be changed as it doesn’t have to hold at the middle period. If Hodgkins can involve with the pricing schema of the units Millers can get a condo unit from upper area to a low cost since the delivery delay was a fault of the company Regency Plaza
The Miller's issue
Role of PM
Current situation
$ 134.4 million in gross sales
$ 26 million in net profit
Customer target: upper income middle age couple
Construction duration: 29 months
Goals / Objectives
- Investor: Regency hotel Group
- Project Manager: Kris Hodgkins
- Marketingconsultant: Russel Farley
- Project architect: KDS Associates
- Change coordinate architect: O'Brain and Sinclair
- General contractor: Kelly Contruction (Paul Grogan)
Project shareholder
What would I do if I was Project manager ?
Planning stage
Stopping work on the unit and turning it over to the Millers With this option Millers will be able to finish off their condominium as they wish. But most banks would not lend against a unit without obtaining a certificate of the occupancy for the unit. This will directly reduce the control over the project. Also Hodgkins was not sure whether the Millers would be able to do this
The project manager will involve arranging for time schedules and allocation of resources to ensure the smooth flow of work processes. The project manager will also have to list out team members' job scopes and responsibilities. With duties and resources allocated, project team members will then be able to work more effectively, to achieve better results. By purchasing items that required long lead time such as elevators and marbles, Kris showed that she is very well organised with her project's material.
The project manager will need to follow up closely so that the actual progress of the ongoing project can be monitored and kept in control. Various aspects of the project such as time schedule and costs will have to be constantly monitored and maintained within manageable limits or boundaries.
PM show good controlling skills over Kelly Construction by retaining 10% of their pay request to ensure timely deliveries.
However, she did not detect and action quickly in case of manpower shortage, delayed schedule and overbudget.
A project manager should provide and, or ensure there are channels of communication for effective exchange of information. This will help to reduce potential conflicts.
PM did not initiate any meeting when she sent out the letter containing packages to buyers over customizing of unit and assume minimum changes. When there is no communication, conflicts will arise.
A project manager should guide the team to identifying and anticipating customers' needs and wants. This will help the team build stronger customer relationships. Customers' concerns should be answered as well, with the proper procedures put in place. The ultimate goal should be working to exceed customer expectations.
PM did not investigate carefully on customer's demand and concerns in the planning stage of the project
PM should identify risk elements that can undermine the smooth running or even completion of the project. Based on that, PM should develop contigency plans and solutions if problem arise. Hodgkins was not aware of developing a contingency to better manage risks. Instead, she made assumptions that minimal changes would be anticipated throughout the project.
Secrets of The Analog Operating Panels: Can They be Revealed Digitally?
Presentation by Nguyen Thao
- Target to wider range of buyers --> Build mix of room sizes
- Make survey to better understand customer's demand and concerns --> choosing a more appropriate interior design
- Be more specific on letter of options sending to customer.
To save time and resource, customer's feedback is request to be sent at earlier stage with a clear deadline (before major frame like wall, electricity, pumping, wiring... installed). Constant changes should not be accepted.
- Whenever a change is raised, a meeting should be arranged to estimate time and cost maybe charged to customer. So that, customers can decide to go through changes or not at earlier stage
- Follow up project schedule closely to take action quickly to any problem.
For instant, when lack of manpower at the site --> request contractor to hire more worker
- Listen to other parties to identify risk/problems may undermine project (contractor, designer, customers...)
01st Aug 2007:
Revised closing
Analyzing customer demand and promote products
Producing the design
- Regency Plaza hotel complex contain 96 luxury condominiums and 300 hotel rooms. This hotel complex includes a four star restaurant health club and valet parking and concierge service.
- The building is located on the east side of Boston Common, with spetacular view of the city and the park. The back units look down to the city owned garage.
Schedule are delayed
Costs increase over budget
Sales is slow: 30/96 units sold
Shareholders are unhappy
Customers claim for slow service, bad workmanship

A project manager should get the right people for the right jobs. Handling interpersonal relationships well and leveraging on it will help strike a balance in managing organisation's and members' interests to breed harmony and improve productivity. Considering the case of the project was delay, over budget and slow on unit sales (30 out of 96 units). We can conclude that Kris did not make quite a good project manager.
PM did not investigate carefully customer demand --> the design was not suitable
The marketing strategy had not taken into much account of the buyer inputs on the condominium interior design customization.
PM did not make clear about cut off date, hoping that there would be minimal changes
PM decided to build 96 condo. But it’s difficult to achieve the required sales due to lack of demand for small size condominiums has designed
The interior design was not suitable (Designer felt that Hodgkins only thinked about the cost, efficiency and the profit but missed the quality)
Option 5
Move the Millers to a different unit on a higher floor. Unfortunately Susan Randolph had already worked on designing the upper units and upper units didn’t contain any suitable and matching design to be given to Millers. But with this option the construction process could be continued the cost and time management can be maintained. Also millers might not be satisfied with the prices of upper unit condominiums since they are more expensive
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