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Symbols of Kings

No description

Juliana Hartmann

on 4 December 2016

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Transcript of Symbols of Kings

What does the Fleur-de-lis represent? Why is it featured on a coat of arms of British Rulers?
The Fleur-de-lis was a symbolization of a lilly also known as "Flower of the Light." It's France floral emblem. It's on the British coat of arms to represent the alliance with France.
What is an Irish Harp featured on the coat of arms?
It reprsents Ireland's place in the United Kingdom.
What does the lion represent? Why did the rulers of England include so many of them?
The lion represents courage for the England rulers and that's why they wanted so many of them. It was their symbol.
What does the unicorn represent? Why would the rulers of England choose a unicorn to support their shield?
The unicorn represents the new order of things. It symbolizes the virtue and purity.
Why does the unicorn have a chain around it's neck?
The reason it's apart of the british arms is because it was considered a dangerous beast.
"Blessed are the Peacemakers" is a phrase from the coat of arms. I think that it meant that peace will make you happy.
The color blue represents strength, loyalty and truth. This is why something i would believe the British Rulers would have wanted on their coat of arms.
I choose these three things because they all represent joyful, angry, hardships, good times, bad times and much more. To me this all is an example of what the color blue represents strength, loyalty,and steadfastness which in my opinion describes me.
Symbols of Kings
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