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Be Good Little Migrants

No description

Joel King

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Be Good Little Migrants

Be Good Little Migrants
The contex of this poem is based in Australian society in the 20th century indentifying the influx of mirgrants that have migrated to Australia. The poet has achieved this by putting the poem into an australian prospective.
The poet Uyen Loeward has wirtten the poem "Be.Good Little Migrants" to highlight the discrimination between Australian society and migrants that have migrated to Australia.
The subject of this poem is to outline the discrimination between Australian society and migrants in Australia. The poet has used degrading commnets as "little" to refer to them as not good enough or not high achieving.
The purpose pf this poem is to help readers understand the discrimination towards migrants in Australian society. This realeses a trigger in the readers mind and almost emidently causes the reader to want to stop doscrimination towards migrants in Australia.
The emotion that this poem causes is a sense of realisationand truth in what the poet has wirtten. It makes readers reflect on previous sistuations they may have been invloved in and causes dissapointment in what the Australian society has come to.
Poetic Devices
The poetic devices that Uyen Loewald has used is Assonance, Symbolism and Repetition.
Assonance is used as a poetic teqnuique in this poem to symbolise the relationship between migrants and Australians. This symbolises now the Australians treat migrants as if they are children.
The poet has used Symbolism as a poetic technique in this poem to symbolise job expectanencey and what Australians expect migrants to do while they are in Australia. This is to prove the main point of this poem.
Repetiton is a poetic technique in this poem to. "Be good little migrants" is repeated to humerous times in this
poem, to create guilt and to make people understand the discrimination in Australian society.
The poet has used effective wording such as "little" which is relfecting in the migrants which then symbolises that they are little and less important in Australain society.
The poet has used alot of symbolism in Little Migrants to make the readers feel sorry and feel ashamed of the Australian comunity and what they have become.
Movement or Rhythm and sound
The poem has a regular rhythm , this makes the reader think about what the poem is about and what it is saying. the poem doesnt have a rhyming pattern so it doesnt flow off your tounge when you read it aloud this also affects how the reader veiws and reads the poem.
This poem "be good little migrants" consists of 8 stanzas with each stanza containing 4 lines. This poem does not have a rhyming pattern and so this poem is a free verse poem.
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