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Visualising Quality - ATD

Keynote at Agile Testing Days 2013, Berlin

David Evans

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Visualising Quality - ATD

David Evans
Visualising Quality
David McCandless
Information is Beautiful
Hans Rosling
Check it out
Edward Tufte
"Visual Explanations"
Penfield Homonculus
Scaled representations of the sensory cortex and motor cortex
Putting Data in Context
Reveal the unseen
James Bach's low-tech dashboard
Charles Minard's infographic of Napoleon's Russian invasion and retreat, 1812-1813
The Grande Armee is 422,000 strong first crossing the river Neman.
Only 10,000 return to re-cross it.
Considerations for visualising data
US military budget: $607 billion
Agile Testing Days
October 2013
Coaching Consulting
See: youtu.be/jbkSRLYSojo ...
Information Radiators:
Visualising the Process

Go / No-Go
Decision Support
The Product
of Testing
"...failures in communication... resulted in a decision to launch based on incomplete and sometimes misleading information, a conflict between engineering data and management judgments"
William P. Rogers
Chairman, Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
Unpredictable, one-in-a-million freak accident?
28 Jan 1986:
Seven astronauts die as Challenger explodes due to
O-ring failure in solid rocket motor.
27 Jan 1986:
NASA management & Morton Thiokol engineers discuss this issue in a
pre-launch decision meeting:
We hear what we see
The McGurk Effect
Beware of conflict between what we show, and what we say.
I see...
Seeing is believing
Seeing is understanding
Jeff Patton's Story Map
Kanban / Story Board
Build & Test Status
Where was the code fault?
"We are not as divided as our politics suggest...
we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states...
we are the
United States"
Cartogram (states scaled by population)
Votes by County
Cartogram (counties scaled by population)
Counties coloured by vote proportion
of counties coloured by vote proportion
D3 JavaScript Visualisation Library
We are visual creatures
Testing is decision-support
Work with the brain, not against it
Beware of the McGurk Effect
Visualise your process and your product
Key Points
What are you expressing?
Charting Tips
If there are more than 6 categories, combine the smallest into 'other'
Stacked Line: Order with most important at bottom, not top
Use Bar-chart (horizontal) for non-time comparisons.
Column (vertical) for a few points e.g. units per quarter
False Perspective
Smell: The warm glow of the dashboard
Get real. You are not a pilot.
Smell: Arbitrary representations
3D is, like, one louder than 2D!
Colour bias and averaging
Work with the brain, not against it.
Choose perspective relative to your data range
Introducing Lady Gaga's less famous
identical triplet brothers...
Baron Baba
Doctor Dada
Viscount Vava
Keep it simple,
Keep it green.

Show people as well as tasks
Visualise subjective assessments
Legacy Mainframe
"Will the O-rings suffer catastrophic failure due to the cold temperature?"
Visualise your test suite terms
vs. your documentation
Scale your system diagrams
By size
By usage
By value
By risk
Barak Obama
7 November 2012
The value of the information we provide
is equal to the value of the decision it informs.
Diane Vaughan
"The Challenger Launch Decision"
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