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President Uchtdorf

FDREL 333 Apostle Spotlight Presentation

Cari Romrell

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of President Uchtdorf

Becky Eddins, Shaina Leavitt King, Cari Romrell, Rebecca Vogl, Jamie Shelton Dieter was two times a stake president. He was in the second quorum of the seventy, first quorum of the seventy, quorum of the twelve,and he is currently the second counselor in the first presidency. Deiter and Harriet have two children. Antje Uchtdorf Evans, and Guido. They also have 6
grandchildren President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Born November 6, 1940 Berlin Wall He was raised in Zwickau, Germany, where his family joined the church in 1947. When he was 10 his family fled East-Germany and
resettled in West-Germany. Dieter studied Business Administration in Cologne, Germany and graduated from the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland with an MBA. He also received an honorary doctorate in International Leadership from Brigham Young University during the April 2009 graduation ceremony. Air Force Young Dieter was a jet fighter pilot in the German and US Air Forces.. He started flying for Lufthansa Airlines and eventually reached the rank of Captain. Later, he was installed as head of the Lufthansa training school, made head chief pilot of cockpit crews in 1980, and appointed senior vice president of flight operations in 1982. He left Lufthansa in 1996, two years after he was called to be in the Seventy. Children Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf Calllings First Presidency Lessons Learned from his Example Courting vs. Perseverance Life is a journey, not a race! in Mahrisch- Ostrau, Czechoslovakia Marriage Deiter married Harriet Reich on December 14th, 1962 in the Bern Switzerland Temple. They have been married for 51 years and they are still very much in love. Important lesson we can learn from President Uchtdorf: STOP IT. He has been in the first presidency, serving with President Monson, since February 3rd, 2008 He was ordained and apostle on October 7th, 2004, by President Gordon B. Hinckley He never served a mission, as he was in the military. Hobbies and Interests Traveling,
Classical music,
Family Forget me not 1. To be patient with yourself
2. The difference between good and foolish sacrifice
3. To be happy now
4. The "why" of the Gospel
5. That the Lord loves you
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