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Multimedia Presentation Brian Eno

No description

Raymond Stull

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Multimedia Presentation Brian Eno

Brian Eno Remove the Context Scape Released in 2012 by Eno in collaboration with Peter Chilvers The Path to Scape “Sometimes you listen to things and you think, I’ve only really had one idea in my life… and I’ve just been doing it in a hundred different ways ever since.”
- Brian Eno Brian Eno once fell in the path of a moving taxi and had a very close call. While convalescing he had a less threatening accident involving harp music, a rainstorm, a bad speaker, low volume, and his inability to move. The low harp music, inaudible at times and mixed with the sound of falling rain, became something different. Brian Eno continuously strives to bring the surprise and unique experience of removing music or its listener from context. Ambient Music Brian Eno's experience while captive to his injuries became the seed of his ambient music and a lifelong pursuit of texture, timbre, and what has been coined as the vertical color of sound. As he experimented with sound over the last 30 to 40 years he has also developed an insatiable appetite and desire to create a system of music which can deliver an unending song which never exactly repeats. Brian Eno speaks on Scape Collaboration with Brian Eno This is my best attempt at making a "scape" thus far: Thanks for looking! References: Brian Eno image: http://imgix.8tracks.com/mix_covers/000/744/835/86365.original.jpg?fm=jpg&q=65&sharp=15&vib=10&w=1024&h=1024&fit=max

Brian Eno On Apps And Albums:

Scape by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers - Available for iPad:

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