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Magcon boys <3

No description

isabella loya

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Magcon boys <3

Magcon boys <3 (just our favs)
Mathew is a famous viner with 3.1 million followers he is funny which makes his account popular he is relate able in them also . he is 16 years of age and attends a Catholic school he is known for wearing a trendy hat called a "beanie"
Nash Grier
Nash is also vine famous and is probably the most popular in the Magcon group with 7.4 million followers on vine,and on twitter he has more followers than Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. he is known for his blue eyes and adorable little sister skylynn(4). he started the trend or nahh in this video.
what is Magcon?
magcon is a group of viners/youtubers that get together and hold a meet and greet event. The word MAGCON stands for M(meet) A(and) G(greet) CON(convention) they tour nation wide.they have been to texas,new jersey,california,nashville,new york and etc.
Hayes is nash Grier's younger brother and is not a huge viner but is famous because of nash he is known as the littlest magcon brother out of them.
Cameron Dallas
Jack G and Jack J
Shawn's account is of him singing and playing the guitar.shawn is a great singer and many people enjoy listening to his beautiful voice. he has 2.2 million followers on vine.
Matthew Espinosa
Hayes Grier
Fun Fact!
Cameron,Nash, and Hayes came to saint Louis Missouri on April 3 and 4th and there event was called Comic Con, instead of Magcon and really enjoyed seeing the arch down in Saint Louis.
cameron is loved in magcon Nash and cameron are very close they just recently moved in together.fans made up a name for them Cash (nash) and (cameron)he is cute and personally my favorite. He has 4.1 million followers on vine and at the Magcon event his line is always long
Jack and Jack share a vine and are a very funny account. They are very close friends and Jack G Sings and Jack J beat boxes. They have 3.3 million followers on vine.
Shawn Mendes
taylor Caniff
taylor is famous for his vines also and is super funny and sweet. He is also a rap singer and made a new song that just came out. he is a dirt biker and a country boy. and most people when going to magcon support him by wearing bandana's and tie die.
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