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Rizal's Education in Manila (1872-1877)

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kit pasuquin

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Rizal's Education in Manila (1872-1877)

Rizal's Education in Manila (1872-1877)
Three Priest
Mariano Gómez
José Apolonio Burgos
Jacinto Zamora
He was refuse admittance in the said school for two reasons:
Rizal's Education in Manila
Jose rizal his brother ponciano-
took the entrance examination on different subject at the college of San Juan de Letran where he passed all the subjects.
His father who wanted him to study at Letran change his mind and decided to enroll him at Ateneo, a rival school of the former.
He was already late for registration.
He was so frail and sickly, aside aside from being too small for his age.
Jose enrolled in that college under the surname "Rizal" because their family name Mercado had been under suspicion of the Spanish authorities. His brother Paciano had used their surname Mercado in his studies at the College of San Jose and the authorities knew that Paciano was father Burgo's favorite student and confidant.
The school offered subjects:
Physical culture
The school offered courses:
The students were divided into two groups.
Ateneo de Manila
was manage by highly competent educators who work efficiently to acquire recognition for the institution to gain prestige as the most excellent college for boys.
Internos - were composed of the boarders.

Externos - were the non-boarders.
The Internos, known as the "Roman Empire".
The Externos, known as "Carthaginian Empire".
The best student in each group was called the Emperor.
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