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illegal drugs

No description

Debbie Lena

on 7 January 2019

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Transcript of illegal drugs

Drug use and teens
speed up your CNS (central nervous system)

causing increase in energy, heart rate and breathing, more sweating, increased activity, wakefulness, elevates mood, excitement, addiction and death

examples: caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine (crystal meth), ritalin, MDMA (ecstasy), bath salts, steroids
slows down the CNS

causing decrease in activity, heart rate and breathing, relaxed feeling, fatigue, confusion, depression, mood swings, impaired coordination, addiction, death

examples: alcohol, rohypnol (roofies), GHB, tranquilizers (valium, xanax, ketamine)
dulls your senses and relieves pain

causes numbness, relaxation, sedation, drowsiness, can't concentrate, nausea, vomiting, constipation, decreased physical activity, slow breathing, confusion, constricted pupils (black is small), easy addiction, death

examples: heroin, ketamine, PCP, morphine, vicodin, codeine, cocaine, tylenol, advil, aleve
alters perception, thoughts and mood

cause distorted visual perception, auditory hallucinations, change in thoughts and mood, dilated pupils, strange/violent behavior, distortion of real objects, increase heart rate and breathing, sweating, dehydration, addiction, death

examples: LSD (acid), peyote (mescaline), PCP (angel dust), mushrooms (shrooms), bath salts, MDMA (ecstasy)
fume/odor from a gas or vapor that you breathe in on purpose for the mind-altering effect

causes lightheadedness, dizziness, bloody nose, suffocation of lungs (oxygen gets moved out), feeling of being drunk,loss of motor coordination, nausea,vomiting, addiction, death

examples: glue, paint, household cleaners, markers, gasoline, white out, nail polish
- how many categories of drugs?
- which type numbs you?

- which type makes you see weird things?
COCAINE: comes from a plant, then processed. Dealers get them as
chunks/bricks. Buyer gets it in powder form (white, yellow or
brown) and is often CUT with other
white powder substances to
increase quantity(which reduces quality and strength).

Cocaine is expensive and it's often called coke or blow, but it doesn't last long (about 15-30 min), making addiction more likely if you like how it feels.
- users usually snort it but it can be dissolved and injected
- effects happen quickly and include increased energy, nose bleeds, excitability, false sense of power (invincibility) and elevated mood.

Then things change and you feel irritable, exhausted, paranoid and anxious, which makes the user want more soon. Because of this cycle, it is often quickly addicting.

Death is possible at first use.

- most drugs can lead to overdose and death (even at first use)
- most drugs cause addiction
-prescription drugs are more abused than legal drugs (why?)
- you can DIE the first time you try a drug if your body can't handle it
Crack cocaine:
cheaper variation of cocaine that is made differently, resulting in a rocky look. Often smoked, it makes a crackling sound, giving it the name "crack"
MDMA: more commonly called ecstasy, is a popular drug at clubs and parties, where dancing and sensory stimulation is apparent.
Long term effects include severe nose damage, brain damage, paranoia and weight loss
How to tell if someone is high
blood shot eyes
slurred/impaired speech
difficulty walking
fast/slow movement
sedated looking (eyes)
can't acknowledge you

CALL 911
check for breathing and pulse
call parents
turn on side if puking
find out what drugs they took
how much they took
if they combined w/other drugs
give them water only
don't let them fall asleep

What should you avoid doing
when helping out a friend:

leave them alone
give more drugs or alcohol
give them coffee
put in shower
move them around

Crack cocaine is much cheaper than cocaine, but the high is shorter (5-10 min). Both the immediate and long term effects are the same as cocaine. The differences between the two are how you use it (coke is snorted and crack is smoked) and how it's prepared.

Death is possible at first use.
Heroin: usually a powder, ranging from white to brown, depending on how much it's cut with. Sometimes you can get it as a liquid, but it's usually liquified by the user.
Effects or your experience of using a drug depends on:
- how much - place you are at
- how you take it - mood you are in
- combined w/other drugs - tolerance
- people you are with - allergies
- history of mental illness - body weight
- previous experience w/drug
- what you expect to happen

This drug comes in variations of powder, liquid or looks like pieces of ice or crystals (crystal meth).
Depending on how the user takes it in, it changes names: smoking it is called crystal meth (last for 10-12 hours and works in seconds); injecting is called crank (6-8 hour high, works in seconds); if swallowed of sniffed it's called speed (6-8 hour high).

Meth is completely man-made using a variety of chemicals and some drugs. Therefore it has severe and often fatal consequences. "Meth mouth" is a common effect of users who smoke, due to the chemicals repeatedly coming in contact with your teeth, causing severe decay. Although not instant, it can happen within a few years of use.
Immediate effects include a quick addiction, increase in activity and wakefulness, tremors, anxiety, hot flashes, increased sweating, paranoia, itchiness, irritability and euphoria (feeling of greatness)

In the long run, you can develop meth mouth, skin rashes and bad acne, mental illness, malnutrition and death is highly possible.
It's a pill that comes in all different colors, usually with a symbol stamped on one or both sides. It's completely man-made and the stamp is a way for the user and maker to identify the strength of the pill. Once it's swallowed, effects start about 30-60 min later and can last 6-8 hours (sometimes 12). You can buy a fake pill because it's man made and you don't know what you are getting.
Immediate effects:
increased heart rate, breathing and activity, sweating, excitement, energy, a desire to be touched, mild hallucinations, dehydration, need to have something in your mouth, lock jaw, panic attacks, teeth grinding
Long term use may result in you getting holes in your brain, depression, sleep disorders, paranoia, anxiety, mental disorders (schizophrenia).

Also keep in mind that people who overdose on this may die from dehydration or water intoxication.
Bath Salts:
this is a very new drug on the market, mimicking the look of bath salts that a person would utilize while taking an actual bath. These manufacturers disguise the drug packaging that looks very similar and sell it legally in many states at convenience stores.
The drug contains mephedrone and MDVP, types of stimulants, which mimic cocaine and meth and can cause hallucinations. It looks like a white powder, capsules or dried leaves. Users can snort, inject or smoke it. Effects last 3-8 hours, sometimes longer.
Being extremely toxic, with dangerous side effects, the packages are labeled "not for human consumption". It is said to be highly addicting as well. Immediate effects include hallucinations, violent behavior, violent suicide and paranoia. Although long term effects cannot really be established yet since it's a new drug, it is said to include permanent brain damage and permanent psychosis (you go crazy)
GHB: more commonly known as Georgia Home Boy or Liquid E, this man-made drug can be used as a date rape drug. Often the user doesn't know they are taking it. It is a powder or liquid that is usually swallowed (taking a half hour to start working). If it's spiked in your drink, you will not know. The effects last up to 4 hours, which is more than enough time for a predator to take advantage of you. It's used as a date rape drug for it's sedative effects the victim experiences.
Immediate effects include a small amount of energy at first, followed by drowsiness, loss of coordination and muscle relaxation. The predator waits for this part to come through in the victim in order to take advantage. This drug is also taken for recreational purposes and overdosing can lead to death.

Long term effects can include ending up in a coma, having amnesia, difficulty thinking, recurring hallucinations and headaches.
Rohypnol: "roofies" is the most common date rape drug which is unknowingly used by the victim. It comes in a pill to swallow and can be crushed into a powder to snort or mix in a drink. Although used for recreational purposes, it's usually mixed in, unsuspectingly, with a cocktail so the predator can take advantage of their victim. The effects can last between 2 to 8 hours. It is a man made drug, therefore you can buy a fake pill that has no effects.
Immediate effects include drowsiness, relaxed, drunk feeling, dizzy, disoriented, difficulty with motor movements and speech. In the long run, it can cause dependence and seizures to occur.
It's primarily injected as a liquid, and chronic users end up with "tracks" on their arms as a result of injections. With increased awareness of HIV and hepatitis infection, more users are smoking or snorting heroin now. This drug works immediately and can last 2- 4 hours. Your desire for the drug happens because you chase the "rush" (the ultimate experience you have the FIRST TIME ONLY that you use the drug). You crave the feeling for that rush, but it's near impossible to get it again.
Immediate effects include the "rush", which is never as good as the first time, high chance of addiction because you chase that rush and want to feel more of it, numbing feeling, itchy skin, sedative feeling and a detached feeling from your body (you're there but you don't really feel there). Keep in mind that this drug can be cut with other substances that is unknown to the user, making it dangerous because you don't know how strong the heroin is or what dangerous products are added in.

Long term effects include addiction, loss of mental functioning, heart and breathing problems, scarring on arms and collapsing veins.
What category of drugs do all these fall under?
Why do you get drugs that are "cut" with other ingredients?

What's a difference between coke and crack?
Date rape drugs:
Popular drugs include rohypnol, GHB, ketamine and PCP

Usually odorless, colorless and tasteless to the unsuspecting user (GHB tastes salty).
Purpose: to sedate a person (usually female) in order to commit a sexual act without consent. The predator thinks it's acceptable behavior because the victim didn't say no (because they are too impaired to know what is going on). Since the predator drugged the person in order to have sex and consent was not given from a person who was aware of the situation, it is rape. You will go to jail if caught.
Which category of drugs are these in?
Why are date rape drugs dangerous to the user?
Ketamine: a white powder that is sniffed (taking a bump) or liquid which is injected or put in a drink (for date rape), this drug is used on animals by veterinarians to sedate them before surgery. The common street name is Special K.

The effects are felt a few minutes after injecting, 5-15 minutes from snorting about about 30 min if swallowed. They can last up to 2 hours.

This is a man made drug, which can be cut with other ingredients and the user may not know what they are getting/using.

This drug can also be used for date rape.
Immediate effects include numbness, intensifying color and sound, detached feeling from body, muscle rigidity and paranoia.

Long term effects include having flashbacks, memory loss, depression, mental disorders and difficulty with brain functioning.

It is possible to die from doing this.
Sometimes the user goes into a "k hole", which is like being on a bad trip, you have difficulty moving or you can't move and you feel detached
PCP: commonly called angel dust, it's a white powder that you can snort or smoke. Usually if you smoke it, it's added or laced into a marijuana joint. Sometimes you know you and other times you might not know that you used it. You can also get it as a pill, capsule or liquid, which means you can swallow it too. Some users even snort it. The effects can last 4-6 hours. PCP , phencyclidine, is man made and the user may not know what he/she is getting or how strong it is because it's often cut with other ingredients. This is also used as a date rape drug.
Immediate effects include numbness,

detachment from body, hallucinations, image distortion, loss of coordination, severe mood swings and can cause you to "trip". It can act as a hallucinogen too. Death is possible from overdosing.

Long term effects include psychosis, memory loss, speech difficulties, depression and weight loss.
What effects from these drugs would make it easier for a predator to attack their victim?
What are date rape drugs?
LSD: Lysergic acid diethylamide or "acid" is a strong hallucinogen is absorbed into the bloodstream after you swallow the liquid. The liquid is usually dropped on a"tab" of paper, sticker or piece of candy, but other things can also be used. Then you swallow and about 30-60 minutes later you start to feel the effects. Some people put it in their drinks too. This can become a problem if you are at a party and it's put in your drink (although it's not a date rape drug) because you won't know.

Being a man made drug, you might not get what you paid for.
You have to be aware that once this drug is swallowed you are going to experience a high that lasts about 12 hours and it's not always a fun experience for you. When you do this drug it's called "tripping", which can be good or bad. Bad trips can lead to self-injury. A common reaction is that the person thinks bugs are crawling on them and they do severe bodily harm to get them off. Some people think they have the actual ability to fly and fall to their death as a result of trying.
Immediate effects are going to be quite noticeable. You see colors differently, more bright and bold. You have extreme hallucinations,both visual and auditory. Dry mouth, sweating, delusions and increase in body temperature are also common.

Long term effects include flashbacks, HPPD, spinal cord damage and mental illness.
Sometimes people experience a "flashback" of their trip way after the drug has left the body. It's called HPPD (hallucinogen persisting perception disorder). It's described as a continual presence of sensory disturbances (flashbacks) that are reminiscent of what you experience while doing a hallucinogenic drug. It can make you feel like you're going crazy sometimes.
Mescaline: comes from the peyote cactus, that is grown in a dessert. "Mesc" is a very strong hallucinogen, which is difficult to obtain. As a whole it's a small cactus (buttons). Mescaline is extracted from the cactus when you chew it. It can also be soaked in water so the mescaline comes out. It takes about a half hour before you
feel the effects. You can also smoke it.
The effects are strong and last for
up to 12 hours. Once it's digested
you have to ride out the "trip"
because there really is nothing
you can do.
Immediate effects include major visual hallucinations, being hyper, everything seems funny, a warm feeling, intense stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. You "trip" when you're on this drug.
Long term effects can include
HPPD or having flashbacks, psychosis, depression and mood swings
Psilocybin Mushrooms:
Also known as shrooms, you
swallow these whole either
by itself or with food to
disguise the bitter taste.
Since it's eaten, it takes about
a half hour to an hour to work.
Being a natural ingredient, overdose is highly unlikely, but you have to ride out the trip once it's digested in you. This lasts up to 12 hours. This is also a less common drug, but it's out there.
Once it starts working you will notice it alters your mood and state of mind (think about things differently), alters perception, causes visual hallucinations, emotional disturbances and it causes your muscles to relax.

There is no real concrete long term damage proven from using this drug other than possibly suffering from flashbacks
What category of drugs are these?
What is HPPD?

How could HPPD affect my school/work life?
Debate questions:

Should drugs be legal? Which ones? Why?
Should there be an age limit if drugs were made legal?
Would making drugs legal reduce crime?

Think about it questions:

How far do people go to get drugs?
Does that make them a bad person? Stupid?
Do you think the drug world could ever be stopped?

What is the CNS?

What do stimulants do to CNS?
Two examples of stimulants

What do depressants do to CNS?
Two examples of depressants
Fentanyl (china white, TNT, tango) is a very strong, addictive pain killer, that is legally used for severe pain and recoveries from surgeries. However, the recreational use and possession is illegal. It is quickly gaining popularity and being cut with heroin or cocaine to enhance the effects. You can find it as a pill, powder (crushing the pill), liquid, patch or as a medicinal lollipop. It's commonly dissolved in the cheek or crushed and snorted. You can also obtain a dissolvable tab or film with the liquid dripped on it. It is more potent than heroin and 50-100x more than morphine. The immediate effects are short lived, which increases immediate addiction. It generally lasts 2-4 hours and the patch can last up to 7.
Immediate effects include
feeling of euphoria
visual hallucinations
difficulty walking
slurred speech
constricted pinpoint pupils
labored breathing
Long term effects:
social withdrawal
severe gastrointestinal problems
difficulty breathing
lack of motivation
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