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Human Population's effect on Land Pollution

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Micaela Rangel

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Human Population's effect on Land Pollution

Current Human Population 6,852,472,823 Human Population and Land Pollution Current Human Growth Rate 1.2% Why land pollution?
There was a lot of information on it because it is such a big issue. Interaction Between Human Population
and Land Pollution Land pollution is the contamination
of the earths land surface by dumping
waste. This is an issue because the
more people there are the most waste
that is being produced. If current population growth continues the
amount of waste will exceed the amount of room to
put the waste.

Land pollution effects wildlife, plants and humans by
polluting our natural resources and soil with toxic waste. Correlation with another Issue- Land pollution can also effect water pollution because the waste and toxins from the land can run off into the water systems. The year 2111 In 100 years if we continue to pollute the earth at the rate we are now, we will be covered in our own waste.

Eventually we will run out of space to put our waste.
It would especially pollute our water sytems if it got to this point.
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