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Bruno mars vs. serbian singer

No description

Armida velarde

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Bruno mars vs. serbian singer

"Id catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
Id jump in front of a train for ya

My conclusion is that Jonathan Puckett won and Bruno mars had to pay him $20 million
Bruno mars vs. Jonathon Puckett
Puckett is suing Mars for $20 million for allegedly having his song stolen. He claims Bruno Mars stole his song titled “Cry,” which he recorded in 2010, for his hit song “Grenade,”.

Bruno Mars sued for allegedly stealing grenade
Anthony Puckett
Puckett is currently in a correctional center in Illinois
He claims that Atlantic Records is using some of the pieces from the song 'cry' and being used and presented as Bruno Mars's song
Both Bruno Mars and Atlantic records are being sued
Puckett states that some of the song lyrics from both songs 'cry and 'Grenade are very similar
" I cried for you baby but you didn't hear me
I gave you my all but you didn't understand
I would have died for you baby but you didn't feel me
I gave you my heart but you didnt do the same"
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