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Route map for a successful coaching conversation - four simple steps to coaching success

Alison Maxwell

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of T'GROW

What does success look like?
How will you know when you get there?
How is this goal related to other longer term objectives?
If you (didn’t) achieved this goal what would be the consequences?
What would you like to achieve?
What’s the overall goal?
What will this give you?
How does this link to your business priorities?
How will you know you’ve achieved it?
When do you want to achieve this goal?

External Goal
What are you trying to achieve?
What needs to be true?
On a scale of 1-10 how much improvement are your trying to make?
What is your timeframe?
What happens when you imagine doing this?
What are you trying to change?
In what ways would things be different if you were successful?
And finally – so in summary you are looking to…
Action Plan
What are you going to do?
Summarise for me the action plan
When do you intend to complete by?
How will you know if your plan is working?
What milestones do you need to put in along the way?
What agreements do you need to proceed?
Who do you need to speak to?
How have you moved forward on this issue?
How has this conversation helped you?
When will we follow up??
Will to Act
Coaches intent:
Initial understand of the area of discussion
Initial sense of the presenting issue
Coaches intent :
Shared understanding of the end state or outcome the coachee desires e.g improved relationship, problem solved, confidence built etc.
Coaches intent:
Shared understanding of the (practical) outcome of the coaching session e.g a decision, a plan of action, rehearsal etc.
Coaches intent:
Surface facts and feeling surrounding situation
Clarification of assumptions, fresh insight
Coaches intent:
Generate a selection of ideas for a constructive way forward
Coaches intent:
Form an agreed plan of action that the coachee is committed to taking

What do you want out of this session?
What would make this a useful session?
What would you like from this discussion?
Tell me what a useful outcome from this conversation would be?
And finally - so if we could get to ... that would be useful?

What is happening currently?
Who is involved?
How do you know that?
How is this a problem?
What effect does this have?
What have you tried so far?
What were the results?
What is already working well?
What has stopped you from doing more?
What’s the real issue here?
How do you/others feel about this?
Describe what happened

What was the impact on those involved?
Describe a time when you were really happy with how you handled this?
What is not working at the moment?
What happened last time you tried to address this?
What has been working?
How did people react?
What happens when you are at your best?
What do you think is getting in the way?
And finally – can we revisit your goal… is that still something you want to address?

How will you achieve this?
What could you do?
If you could only succeed what would you do?
What other alternatives are there?
If money/time/resource were no object, what would you do?
How else could you do that?
What are the consequences?
Which would be the best option?
What would be a first step?
Who else might help?
What if the deadline could be moved?
What could improve the situation?
If our positions were reversed, what advice would you give me?
What could you do to remove the blockages in your way?
What might be the consequences of that option?
What would you really like to do?
How could you help yourself be more positive towards this person/situation?
What would you do if you had nothing to lose?
What might be the costs/ benefits of that idea
And finally – I have an idea I’d like to contribute .. Would that be OK?

Which of these ideas excite you? Which don't?
On a scale of 1 to 10 rate yourself on your likelihood that you will
carry out this plan
What would have to be true to rate this plan a 10?
How committed are you to your plan?
Is there anything that could stop you?
What reservations do you have about this course of action?

What are your next steps?
When will you start/ finish?
What is your first step?
What support do you need?
What resources do you need?
What might get in the way?
What else needs to happen?
Who else needs to know?
What have we agreed?
What are the key actions?
What will you do to take these ideas forward?
What could stop you implementing these ideas?

Goal for the
coaching session
What do you want to talk about today?
What issue do you want to work on today?
What is the issue/ problem/ situation / opportunity that you would like to discuss?
Tell me about the big challenges at the moment
Introducing the T'GROW model
- a route map for a successful
coaching conversation
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