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Master's thesis MP

No description

Peter Molnar

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Master's thesis MP

Developed Employee Referral Program Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Quantity and quality of applications Vera's
birthday Comparing the strategy of the Hungarian locations The effectiveness of recruitment channels at Bosch Miskolc Internal recruitment
Norm arrangement, performance enchantment
Reorganization, reallocation
Recall, re-employment
Tendering within the organization
Internal training
Small group consultations
Career planning
Internal job advertisement

External recruitment
Direct application, employment from streets
Employee referral
Educational institutions
Own database
Labor service agencies, job centers
Labor market intermediaries
Leasing The theory of labor -recruitment and – selection Selection
Application form
Handwriting analysis
Biographical questionnaire
Curriculum Vitae, cover letter
Assessment Center
Interviews Bosch Group Bosch HR strategy Management and
(BHS) Bosch Human Resource system (BHS) Architecture Module Resourcing
Integration Molnár Péter To Call:

Hatvan (RBHH)
Budapest (HRC) Recruitment channels of Bosch Miskolc Headhunting Management System (HMS) data facts Time frame: 28. January 2009. - 06. August 2012 (3 years 7 months)
All channels: 53
Selected channels: 22 Number and percentage of applications arrived from the channels by position types Profession of hired candidates by channels Profession of hired blue-collar candidates by channels Profession of hired white-collar candidates by channels Profession of hired intern candidates by channels Weighted Scoring Method Identify the relevant
non-monetary attributes Applications/all applications
Hires/applications Weight the attributes
to reflect their relative
importance Score the options
to reflect how each option
performs against each attribute 4140 / 27836 = 14,87%
388 / 4140 = 9,37%
54 / 4140 = 1,30% Calculate
the weighted scores 0.24%×20 + 26.67%×30 + 30%×50 = Test the results
for robustness
Best - 100%
Worst - 0% Scale: Interpret the results Which channels should be used? White collar positions Intranet,
Current Bosch employees,
Members get members,
Headhunter agencies Intern positions Current Bosch employees,
Members get members,
Job fairs
bosch.hu Intranet,
Current Bosch employees,
Members get members,
Headhunter agencies,
bosch.hu Blue-collar positions Intranet,
Headhunter agencies,
Current Bosch employees,
Members get members Rapid award for referrer Offer “hard to fill” positions Prize for active referrers Prize drawings Slogen Involve interns “HIRE TOGETHER & GET REWARDED”
“Set up our team together by referring
your friends and acquaintances.” Promotion materials Integrate effectiveness points to HMS
Register more constantly in HMS
Open applications
Current Bosch intern channel
Modify Jobline advertisement Recommendations: Bosch Miskolc CONFIDENTIAL 2012 Legyünk a legjobbak 6 steps 25 26 HR literature
Recruitment trends
Bosch company and strategy
Recruitment channels of Miskolc
Evaluating the channels
Which channels should be used
Recommendations Structure Using QR codes in recruitment Look through company prezis
Collect all the channels
Check job ads
Refresh job portals
Take the golf car keys To do: Exam Selection methods Old fashioned
Not used Internal use is mandatory Not used Preconditions:
• Several identical open positions (e.g. JMP)
• Minimum 10 applicants after pre-selection generally qualified
• No time pressure to decide 20 years of training and usage:
- STAR method (Situation or Task, Action, Results you achieved)
- 6-eyes-principle

•Potential •Leadership competence
•Result and future orientation •Interpersonal Competence
•Professional Competence External Target White collar, JMP Executives Internal Only for pre-selection Reason Performances, personalities available with in the company eg.:USA, Spain, India (not in Germany) Country Concentration
Ability to work under pressure
Language skills Extroversion, empathy
Dominance, aggression
Attitude, values Bosch Business System
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