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Christopher ALEXANDER: A city is not a tree

şehir ağaç değildir

Saad Qasmi

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Christopher ALEXANDER: A city is not a tree

urban design
2011/2012 spring
Saad Qasmi
Amna Irfan
Moazzam Abbas
Maria Rana
Syed Ali Raza
Daniyal Khizer
Christopher ALEXANDER: A city is not a tree
the city is not tree
Originally published in:Architectural Forum, Vol 122, No 1, April 1965, pp 58-62 (Part I),Vol 122, No 2, May 1965, pp 58-62 (Part II)Also published in :Design, No 206, February 1966, pp46-55Ekistics, Vol 23, pp 344 - 348, June 1967Bell, G & Tyrwhitt, J(eds) Human Identity in the Urban Environment, Harmondsworth, UK, Penguin Books, 1972
Green leaf title tree is a tree, and it is the name of an abstract structure. This abstract structures to establish the relationship between the internal structure of the city's downtown concept of two types of analyzes: ... natural and artificial cities
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